05 October 2015

Blog status update

The blog is not dead, but Caroline and I have spent the past two weeks moving to a larger apartment with a lot of work involved in repainting the walls, exhausting trips to IKEA and spending evenings building furniture and hanging up paintings....

I hope to resume the blogging once my computer/painting mancave is finished as we are still waiting for glass shelves and part of the drawers to arrive at the IKEA warehouse for pickup. Currently most of the hobby stuff is still packed down in various containers but I'm happy to have a dedicated painting station/desk now with room for all my paints and tools in one place.

The past two years had been a pain in the ass when it came to painting as I had to paint at our small kitchen table with poor lightning and pack up every time we were eating.

Just prior to the move I received some very nice 4Ground buildings for my French & Indian War games (they also work for Empire of the Dead, Wild West etc) and I bought a couple of gaming mats from Deep Cut Studio which I'm quite pleased with. I hope to post a review of that stuff soon!

08 September 2015

Chain of Command: German late war Sdkfz251's

Two Sdkfz 251 half tracks for my late war German Chain of Command platoon. These excellent models are from the Flames of War "Panzergrenadier platoon" plastic boxed set where you get some 30 infantry and 4 half tracks for a decent price tag.

Two more to be painted up as regular halftracks since I already built and painted the command vehicle. Anyway, the machinegunner is removable which is great for gaming purposes as you can remove him either as a casualty or when you empty the entire halftrack and there is no one left to mount a MG42.

I'm very pleased with the color choice, finally found a paint in my collection that works well as a worn "dunkelgelb" imitation - Vallejo Tierra Earth. I mix that with Vallejo Khaki color to get the highligts, and also wash the  vehicle with Warlord Games "Soft tone" in between those two layers. The antennas are made out of synthethic hairs from a broom.

05 September 2015

Frostgrave: Kit bashed Templar miniature

Wanted to add one of the specialist characters to my Frostgrave warband and had toyed with the idea of using the Warlord Games Roman legionnaire body for a while - the size of the Warlord Games ancient plastics and the Frostgrave Soldiers match up almost perfectly.

So the body is made up or a Roman legionary, on which I cut off the arms at the shoulders. Then I glued on Frostgrave soldier arms with the halberd and greenstuffed pants, boots and a fur cloak to have him look like his rag tag friends in winters clothing.
For the head I thought about using a Roman legionnaire head as well, but then I checked what else I had in my drawers, and found the old 2013 Salute plastic miniature which comes with a pretty badass ancient Greek style helmet. Problem was that the helmet was empty (supposed to sit pushed back on the head of the mini it belonged to), so I used a piece of plastic as a neck and glued it all together.

It looked pretty decent during the work in progress but adding paint made it better.

24 August 2015

Polish 1939 Chain of Command platoon almost finished

Some pretty bad "nighttime" pictures taken with abysmal lightning but since I'm off on a vacation trip tomorrow this is as good as it gets until I get back home next week.

I painted like mad to get it finished before the trip and almost managed to paint it all - only the light mortar is left to paint and that won't take long. Had to scratch build a light mortar since I wanted the core platoon painted in the same colors even though I could have used one of the Flames of War light mortar teams I already have.

The platoon is huge:

HQ: Lieutenant and staff sgt
2 man anti tank rifle team
3 man light mortar team

3x 18 man rifle squads with integral BAR rifle support

Fortunately, I have a TON of support options already painted up for my Flames of War collection. So all the tanks, trucks, tankettes, guns and infantry support teams are ready to go :-)
Really looking forward to play Early War Chain of Command again!

I promise to post better pictures when I get back home.

23 August 2015

Polish 1939 platoon for Chain of Command beginning

Bought and based a Polish 1939 infantry platoon for Chain of Command. I was very tempted to disassemble my FoW miniatures and base them on single bases, but overcame that urge thinking that there might be a game for multi based 15mm WW2 miniatures around the corner some day that picks up where FoW left.

Anyway, the Polish platoon is roughly 60 miniatures, so there is lot of work to be done before this platoon is finished. The miniatures themselves are from Forged in Battle, I also have a motorized/cavalry platoon bought and waiting to be painted after this one is finished. Fortunately I only need to paint the infantry as I already have a ton of support options from my FoW collection.

Finally, I bought the "Polish paint set" from Warlord Games, thinking it would speed up my painting  a little and I also wanted to try out a slightly different paintjob. As it turns out the miniatures look pretty nice with the colors from the paint set so I'm quite happy.

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