19 October 2018

Lobotomy - Big Mama and Little girls

Adding a painted "Big Mama", the cannibalistic hag that is used for several scenarios as a mini-boss along with the "Little girls" that are inspired by the creepy girl from the Ring. The Little girls too are used for a few scenarios and are a special monster. Great minis to paint, and pretty creepy to. Had fun painting them. 

Next up will the miniature duo for the "anti-Christ".

I'm also sharing a few pictures of our setup for tomorrow's game of Lobotomy, with two scenarios running alongside each other. First scenario is "Memories" which uses the little girls and Big Mama. The second scenario that kicks in once you are halfway through the first one, is "Body Snatchers" which will use the orderlies and the Body Snatcher monster as the main antagonists.

Feels great having a painted up miniatures for this game. Can't wait to have a 100% fully painted set.

17 October 2018

Basic monsters for Lobotomy finished

Yesterday I finished the "Scavengers" for Lobotomy, meaning that all the basic monsters, playable characters, the Warden timetrack/final boss mini and a few additional scenario related monsters are done.

From now on the remaining miniatures are purely additional monsters and unique bosses that are used for the many scenarios of the game. Really look forward to painting those!

In the meantime I took a picture of the progress so far :-)

14 October 2018

Lobotomy - Mental patients and scavengers

Earlier this weekend I put the last touches on the 16 mental patients that make up the most numerous group of basic monsters in the game (together with nurses and scavengers).

I'm very happy with how easy they painted up and it was really a speed paint, which yielded satisfying results.

I saved the scavengers for last since the miniature for these monsters is a bit tricky, basically a naked zombie. I had to think which direction I would take with them, make the flesh greenish rotten, beaten up and bloody or dead and pale.

In the end after some experimentation, I went with beaten up and bloody. I have 8 left of these to paint before I can start playing the game again, while painting up the remaining scenario related monsters which will be a lot more fun after this assembly line speed paint that had to be pushed through.

11 October 2018

Lobotomy - Orderlies and Body snatcher

Next up for Lobotomy, some of the creepy monsters, "orderlies" and the "body snatcher". I will start painting the 16 mental patients and 12 scavengers which make up the rest of the basic monster types next, but I will throw in some additional monster minis for variation as I go through the plastic pile.

10 October 2018

Lobotomy - Warden and nurses

The Warden and evil nurses painted up for Lobotomy. The Warden is a damn cool mini, and I can see him being used for miniature wargames and as a crossover demon for "Anno Domini 1666".

The Warden is used both as a time tracker and as the final encounter/boss when time runs out. He is near impossible to kill but allows players a final shot at winning the game if the objectives weren't finished.

The "nurses" are one of three "basic" monster types that populate the asylum, alongside "patients" and "scavengers". 

The game also has a lot of special "elite" monsters that are either part of a specific scenario or can be added as additional flavor to the game.

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