13 October 2020

New site with much improved blog - please have a look

Friends, after several days of hard work I'm happy to present to you my new site. After 10 years with blogspot I have moved my online hobby operation to a proper site with built in features such as a blog, downloadable files, galleries, improved user interface and a vastly improved layout adapted for both desktop and mobile devices.
Drop by and have a look! The site will be very busy with updates in the coming days as I am moving old posts from the old blog to my new site where I'm re-editing the articles to look and read better, while also creating brand new posts and content on my new site.

This site will remain up, but as you can already see it is filled with broken links and it will not be updated. Once I have moved all posts that I deem worth salvaging to my new site I will shut this page down.

25 September 2020

More Anno Domini 1666 cossacks painted up

 Final 3 cossacks, from the add-on pack painted up which finishes the cossack warband for now. The miniatures are identical to the ones in the Bohuns Rebels set and paint up very nicely. I hope I will manage to get as much enjoyment and quality paintjob on the upcoming plastic Polish dragoons which will boost my Polish warband.

But first I will be painting the character pack with Baska and Ketling first. Both miniature sculpts look great, but I cannot decide how to paint them. Been thinking about it the past couple of painting sessions while working on the cossacks. In the movie (Pan Wolodyjowski / "Colonel Wolodyjowski") which btw I find to be the weakest and least interesting part of the movies based on Sienkiewicz trilogy Baska has nothing in her wardrobe that really matches the miniature 100% and Ketling's though being sculpted spot on is a really awful looking piece making him look like a ponce in the movies. Though painting him up in green and black would look nice on a miniature if done right...

21 August 2020

Painted archers and cavalry for SAGA

Blogger is acting out and the new settings are a nightmare when creating posts and linking pictures from a host. This may limit the number of pictures I post here, and I would like to invite you to my facebook group where pictures and updates are more plenty (the link is available to the left on my front page of the blog).

Here are the medieval archers and a unit of painted hearth guard painted up. I used my new airbrush for the horses but the camera and light made the highlights and tones dissapear a little.

08 August 2020

Medieval archers for SAGA WIP

WIP Archer peasants for SAGA, first 2 out of 12 done. I feel that trying to finish 1 per day is a reasonable goal considering the onset of a heatwave as well as family distractions. Finishing one at a time also makes me put some more effort into details that I usually find dreadfully boring such as wraps, quivers and shoes.

Who else HATES to paint boots and shoes on their minis? I don't know what it is, perhaps because I save that detail for last and am usually spent by then, but most of the time I barely make an effort...

Miniatures are "Medieval archers" by Coquest games.


05 August 2020

Undead Team painted up

Hi guys,

It has been very long since I posted something. I've changed work twice, we have moved to a new house and got a kid - so to say the least I have been preoccupied by "life stuff"...

Another problem was the lightning in my gaming room, which was not suitable for painting at all. This finally prompted me to buy a better lamp, (LED light with magnifying glass) which works wonderfully well regardless of time of day and does not heat up the room as much either. I have not been using the magnifying glass yet, but I guess it will find its purpose as age sets in :D

Anyway, in between sleep depravation and not having much time for gaming the itch to actually finish some projects shamed me to paint up my 8th and final Blood Bowl team "The Undead". I had partially painted these guys many months ago, having finished the 4 zombies and 1 skeleton, then basecoating the remaining models.

Hopefully the finished project will allow me and the wife to resume our Blood Bowl games with managing 4 teams per player. I really like these miniature, wish only there were more poses.

With Blood Bowl stuff finished I will move on to finish a bunch of SAGA stuff. I badly need more ranged units, so I built a unit of archers to begin with and will try to work through the remaining Saxon and Norman units.

I am yet to try the new Muskets and Tomahawks 2nd edition rules, the kid is still too restless to allow us a couple of hours of undisturbed gaming. But from what I've read the game looks good and I can't wait to try it out

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