13 November 2019

Short adventurers for D&D painted up

Some short adventurers painted up for our upcoming D&D 5e game. For some reason everyone went for halflings, gnomes and dwarfs. My buddy Thomas went with a human wizard, so that will be the only "tall" character in the band. Will see if I can paint up a new wizard model over the next couple of days.

As a sidenote, I REALLY recommend using Vallejo "Glaze medium" to get a dead matte effect on your minis. The Vallejo matt varnish and Army Painted Anti Shine drove me nuts with their half assed results. I read about the Glaze medium trick online, it is recommended to brush a very thin and slightly watered down coat of the glaze medium on the mini and let it dry for a few hours to get a perfect result. I even went over some old minis that were still shiny and it worked wonders.

The miniatures are all from Reaper, they are supposed to represent the following characters from left to right: Halfling Cleric, Halfling Ranger, Dwarf Fighter, Gnome Rouge. The cleric had a weapon swap and added shield and the ranger had a swapped sword since they were both made out of the "Bones" material which is soft and on the thick side when it comes to details. The other two miniatures are metal models.

08 November 2019

Evil wizard painted up

Another Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon miniature painted up. I think this one discredits the saying "no matter what you do to a turd - polish it, paint it, give it bling - it's still a turd". When I began painting (a really long time ago) I stuggled with both models that had too few details and were rather plain as well as models that were cluttered with detail.

Do this day I don't like cluttered miniature sculpts, but "plain" miniatures have grown on my as my ability as painter has evolved. You can do pretty intersting stuff with large robes and cloaks if you highlight things properly or layer your paints in an interesting way. And it is usually a fast process to paint such miniatures as well.

So I'm pretty happy with this wizard.

I also received a parcel with some adventurers for the player characters that my friends have picked to play. Yeah its a "tiny" warband (height wise) with 2 halflings, 1 gnome and 1 dward accompanied by a single human wizard haha. Look forward to putting some paint on them and hope to have them ready sometime mid next week.

06 November 2019

Ogre and some orcs painted up

A long time ago, I purchased a pack of Mantic Games Ogre "Berserkers" and "Hunters", thinking they would be great as giants for Blood Eagle games. I had started painting the 3 berserkers and finished most of the skin, but then moved on to other stuff. Now with D&D on the horizon I got a reason to revisit these models and finished one last night. The sculpts are "cluttered" and a bit too busy for my liking (mainly the metal parts such as armor plates and weapon), and positioning of limbs make it tricky to paint properly so - again - I had to push through by sheer willpower. This had me hitting that sweet spot in my painting where even when the model suck I can see the end result in my inner eye and just keep painting patiently until done.

Photos of last nights Ogre below, and some of the fantastic "Red Box Games" orcs now properly based with static grass. I also took a picture of the soft plastic "D&D: Wrath of Ashardalon" board game orcs that I have painted up so far, which also got some static grass added today.

Human "Frostgrave" soldier added for size comparison with the Ogre.

05 November 2019

Painting miniatures for D&D 5e

I'm trying to get some friends, and my wife, to try out Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with me. I never played D&D before and hope to have a great time (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire was my first RPG and that one was really fun).

Since I want to run the game on a playmat with miniatures to represent player characters and monsters I started painting up some old D&D: Wrath of Ashardalan miniatures. The board game sucked, and I threw it away. But I kept some of the miniatures I thought held good enough casting quality to be painted up. I also saved the dice, tiles and most of the tokens for future use. Those items may still come in handy.

Anyway. I have quite a few fantasy miniatures painted up already. Thankfully I can use models that were built and painted for SAGA, Frostgrave and Blood Eagle for D&D. So what I am doing at the moment is adding to the monster pool, and I also ordered a couple of non-human characters.

Here are some of the plastic D&D Wrath of Ashardalon miniatures painted up, two orcs, one gauth, one giant snake and one grell. The orcs were a pain in the ass to paint as the details were quite poor, especially on the orc in mail shirt. But the end result is quite OK imo. Just took a lot of self control to force myself through them. Still have 2 ducplicates of each model to paint up before I paint up the rest of my Red Box Games orcs which are much more appealing and interesting painting objects...

Also, a picture of some of the Frostgrave miniatures I own that could work well for D&D.

02 November 2019

Painted minis for Nemesis Aftermath and Mansions of Madness

It's been ages since I updated the blog, but there may be some more active updates over the coming weeks as I am painting stuff for D&D and "Tainted Grail" shipping in a couple of weeks followed by the "Anno Domini 1666".

Those two soon to be delivered Kickstarter games prompted me to paint up both the player characters for Nemesis: Aftermath which I received just a couple of weeks ago, along with the player characters for Mansions of Madness Horrific Journeys to keep my collection of investigators fully painted.

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