15 November 2018

Blood Bowl craze at the house

A bit of a Blood Bowl craze at the house with my wife. It started with a casual game, followed by purchasing several new teams, add-ons to existing teams, purchase of extra special play cards and sending 3 teams off to a talented and reliable painter I've used on several occasions when I had been short on time :D

We also decided to split up the collection of teams between the two of us and begin a small Blood Bowl league.

At the moment Caroline manages Dwarfs and Dark Elves, soon to be followed by Chaos.
I manage Orcs and Skaven, soon to be followed by Nurgle.

We will also have a new Human team to use, and I am eagerly waiting for the release of Games Workshops upcoming Undead team which looks really good.

Two games into the league Skaven-Dark Elves 1:1 while the Dwarfs won 2:0.

Lots of fun to be had.

In other news, I received information that my copy of "Nemesis: the board game" should ship around November 22nd, I may yet get my copy before Christmas! Really looking forward to it.

03 November 2018

Lobotomy 4 boss monsters painted up

Painted these a few days ago, these are boss monsters/elite monsters for Lobotomy.

The Nemesis (hollow man), Anti Christ, The Clown and The Faceless (Slender Man).
The Faceless is not part of the core game, I purchased him as a separate model together with some possessed nuns to add some extra monsters to the game :)
Next up will be some witches, female vampires and slashers, followed by the twins, frankensteins monster and the possessed nuns.

30 October 2018

Lobotomy accessory modifications and a rant

I really like Lobotomy: The board game, but there are a lot of small problems that stack up that end up with me being annoyed mid-session. One of them is the abundance of small wooden tokens that have to be used to track all kinds of cool-down trackers, wounds and insanity level.

I thought about it for a while and ended up with a solution that I thought I would share, since the problem is most likely featured in other board games as well.

The short answer is - magnets. Tiny magnets. You will also need to have your gaming cards in sleeves, and laminate larger character cards so not to ruin the print by sliding a metal magnet over it back and forth.

What I did was to super glue one magnet to the wooden tookens, and then have a second magnet behind the card so that the token "sticks". The magnets I use are super flat and tiny so you can have the cards flat on the table. An added bonus is that you can have your cards in a card holder to save table space - and still be able to use the tokens to track status and cool-down  trackers!

As a side note, I will start painting Lobotomy miniatures again soon. I have been waiting for a delivery of extra miniatures/monsters that I purchased for the game, but the Swedish postal service really fucked me on this one.

First there is a penalty tax on all items coming from outside the EU to Sweden, you have to pay it before they let your parcel through. I paid it and still did not receive anything for 2 weeks, instead I got a new invoice to pay as if I had not paid already. The idiots also provide a "ransom picture" of your parcel to show that it is at the customs office, and the picture clearly showed the same parcel with my miniatures, but with a second import bar code taped over the previous bar code (still visible).

I contacted the postal office and asked them "WTF?", did not get a clear answer, but they told me that the parcel should be on its way to me the next day. That was 1,5 week ago and still nothing. Most likely they either sent it back to the USA or the morons lost it when they "solved the problem" with the double import bar code stickers. So I've waited 4 weeks in total for my miniatures, I gave up yesterday and filed a written complaint and a claim for compensation. I'll see how that goes...

Goddamn imbecilles.

You read a lot of horror stories about the Swedish postal service in the media, it is all true. If you need to send a parcel or letter, it better be with tracked mail. And forget about receiving or sending something out of the EU

What's worse is that the miniatures I bought are pretty much unavailable/out of production, and the store in the USA was the only place I found them at a reasonable price, I don't care as much about the money now as not getting the miniatures themselves....

19 October 2018

Lobotomy - Big Mama and Little girls

Adding a painted "Big Mama", the cannibalistic hag that is used for several scenarios as a mini-boss along with the "Little girls" that are inspired by the creepy girl from the Ring. The Little girls too are used for a few scenarios and are a special monster. Great minis to paint, and pretty creepy to. Had fun painting them. 

Next up will the miniature duo for the "anti-Christ".

I'm also sharing a few pictures of our setup for tomorrow's game of Lobotomy, with two scenarios running alongside each other. First scenario is "Memories" which uses the little girls and Big Mama. The second scenario that kicks in once you are halfway through the first one, is "Body Snatchers" which will use the orderlies and the Body Snatcher monster as the main antagonists.

Feels great having a painted up miniatures for this game. Can't wait to have a 100% fully painted set.

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