30 August 2010

Blog Sponsor GameManiacs

I'm happy to announce a new sponsor for the blog - GameManiacs.
You will see me reviewing and showing off some of their products, mostly boardgames, in the near future. I think it will prove to be an interesting experience, and you will get to see some stuff that I otherwise maybe wouldn't be able to get my hands on.

Gamemaniacs has over 30.000 different products in stock ranging from cardgames, boardgames and miniatures. Their slogan in Swedish is "Allt i spel" (everything in games). They are based both on the internet as well as having stores in Katrineholm and Lidköping should you want to visit them in person.

Link to their store is now added on the top right side of the blog. You can also access their internet store by clicking their logo in this post.

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