17 August 2010

Marching into battle to the sound of rolling D6's

I should start this blog like Troy McClure always starts his scenes in the Simpsons-
"Hi I'm Anatoli, you may remember me from such forums as....."

My real name is Alexander and I live in Sweden. For several years I've had (and still have) a number of project threads running on various internet forums. You may have run into me as "Anatoli" on Swedish forums like Unispel, Ylva & Sverok and the English Secrets of the Third Reich forum as well.

I'm a dedicated miniature wargamer, movie nerd, miniature painter - and often rant about the "good old days" and how modern movies, PC games and everything else has degenerated into a pile of crap attracting only the console generation that have as long an attention span as a hamsters tail.

This blog will  be an extension of all my threads around the internet, like a hub (not in a Fallout 1 kinda way though). Here I will post reviews of stuff I like most of the time, stuff that I hate from time to time, more detailed analysis of products I buy and tinker with, game reviews, wargame reviews, model reviews, more detailed painting tutorials, game guides to units of the games I play - throw in some movie and PC game reviews and you'll have a package with stuff that should give everyone something to be interested about.

The main focus will be miniature wargaming, since that is the hobby of mine which I spend most time on - part of it being an beta tester for Grindhouse games and part of it being an absolute Secrets of the Third Reich nut.

I can promise that updates will be numerous, but I cannot promise that they will follow some strict format or always be posted on certain days of the week.

If you have a scoop, news, want to be a sponsor of this glorified blog or have stuff you want me to review you can contact me thru my email:



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