28 August 2010

Journey into madness - the boat takes shape

Spent a few hours on building the boat/barge today so I only got around to paint one of the adventurer type characters.

The boat itself is a compact 2 decker and I imagine it is some kind of tugboat. I gave it a dubious look on purpose as the game won’t take place on open water but follow a river I figured they could get away with using just about any kind of transportation hehe.

The boat is made out of plasticard, wood, balsawood  and some foamcore. It is made It is also made up of 3 separate pieces, the bottom hull, the second deck and the control room. I made each separate to make it easier to paint but most importantly to make this piece easy to play on.

I will add more details to it tomorrow before I start painting it.
And finally the model I painted is a Black Tree Design partisan miniature I had left over from previous SoTR projects.

“The skipper must be out of his mind if he things this heap of junk will take us anywhere, if not for the utmost secrecy involved around this expedition I would have asked some of the merchant vessels down the docks. I guess we should all be lucky that we won’t brave any open waters. The men the university hired to aid me in my expedition are also a bunch of shady characters. Two drifters calling themselves “adventurers” offered their help just as we were leaving shore. They looked able enough to take care of themselves which should come in handy should we run into any unforeseen trouble.

I asked Harrison, the large man, why they wanted to join – for the thrill – he replied. He told me that he used to be a soldier, fought in WW1 too. Seeming as the crew of this boat doesn’t appear to be armed I suppose these two will prove a valuable asset.

Excerpt from the diary of Dr Henry Armitage”


  1. Åh så najs, ska följa detta närmre.

  2. DU är grymt bra på att måla vitt. Förbannat svårt för andra. Projektet verkar riktigt intressant, kommer följa det med stort intresse och behölver du någon att spela med vet du var du ska vända dig :)

  3. Yes! Cthulhu f'tagn!

    Utspelar sig det här under 20:talet som Lovecrafts vanliga berättelser? :)

  4. @Erix, yes - det är runt 1920 som det mesta Lovecraft skrev. Expeditionen kommer också ha hyfsat ont om vapen, för att göra spelet lite intressantare än en ren "shootout".

    @Millmir, tror jag kommer köra en tutorial på att måla vitt nån gång när jag har ont om tid till annat. Har lite såna projekt liggande i en mapp - bla tutorial på hur man målar rost/slitage på stridsvagnar på 5 minuter som jag tidigare postat på SoTR forumet.

  5. Ser nice ut! Längtar efter att få se den målad!
    (båten)kommer att fortsätta följa bloggen med stort intresse!


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