27 August 2010

Journey into madness - a Lovecraftian adventure takes shape

“Journey into madness”

Usually when I start painting stuff, it’s for an existing game that I’ve become interested in or that either I or my buddies have talked each other into starting to play. This time though the idea is to create a completely standalone set of rules for a skirmish adventure game set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft. What I want is a story driven campaign where each mission affects the starting conditions of the next, I also want to include some roleplaying aspects such as possible leveling of specific characters, and an inventory system much like in Legends of the Old West.

Once I start writing the actual rules I’ll see what direction I’ll take on how to generate results within the game itself. There is almost no doubt that I will use dice, but I might be interested in experimenting with various sorts of dice to fit specific stats and skills.
This game will revolve around a mysterious expedition sent from the Miskatonic University in Arkham. The expedition will be led by dr Henry Armitage, head librarian of the Miskatonic University and main character of this adventure.

He will be aided by a mixed band of adventurers, scholars and the skipper and crew of a boat commandeered for the purpose of transporting the expedition to their secret destination. Armitage is tightlipped about the whole thing, all that is know is that the journey is expected to last 3 months, because that’s the amount of provision brought aboard. Armitage has been seen to pack an antique looking revolver, which could mean that he is either untrustworthy of his companions, or perhaps expects some trouble ahead.
Everything is to be expected, as they unknowingly journey into madness itself.

First model for this project is one of a few West Wind production models that I initially bought to proxy Malifaux models with – but found that these particular models had something about their looks that would be perfect for a Lovecraftian adventure. So this is Dr Henry Armitage, I believe he is from the West Wind Gothic Horror blister “London thugs” or something similar. Unfortunately the only model I painted today, as I prepped 5 others and with me coming home rather late I couldn’t spend as much time on painting as I would have wished. Armitage for those of you who don’t know anything about H.P. Lovecraft, is an aged old Librarian at the Miskatonic University of Arkham, both are fictional but supposedly located in New England where many of H.P. Lovecrafts stories take place. He appears in the story “Dunwich Horror” which is one of my favourites (and there are a lot). I will introduce much of H.P. Lovecrafts work and games based on his stories in a future “special”. In general people in Lovecrafts stories are either killed, driven insane or scared to the point that they are left paranoid and horrified for the rest of their life.

You see, Lovecraft populated his universe in the stories he wrote with ancient monsters, weirdo cults, monster-human hybrids, untold horrors from other dimensions and outer space, old Gods that lay dormant beneath the oceans of the world etc. Perfect setting for any adventure game about an expedition in trouble.
Beside painting models for the expedition I will also scratch build a boat large enough to contain the whole expedition and all their crates with provisions and other stuff that might come in handy.

Here’s a picture of some more West Wind models that will work double shifts as both zombies for Malifaux and very sick villagers in “Journey into madness”. And a picture of some EM4 (I think) models from their Lovecraft monster range. Ah! And I actually get to use my “bag of Cthulhu” I bought a couple of months ago for something as well. I will paint a couple of small and probably one big Cthulhu statue for this game to act as artifacts/objective markers.
Stay tuned.

You can get the West Wind models at West Wind productions (who would have guessed?!), if you live in Sweden you can get them from Kulturkommissariatet who carry the entire range of “Gothic Horror” models as well as the EM4 stuff.


  1. Ser trevligt ut! (ifall något som är relaterat till H.P Lovcraft kan se trevligt ut)har följt dina projekt genom unispel, men det kommer att bli behändigare att läsa på bloggen.

  2. Ja, är lite smidigare för mig också - och just det här med att spara bandbredd på photobucket. När jag spred ut mina trådar på nätet så åts min månatliga bandbredd på photobucket upp illa kvickt. Detta är en bra lösning och kanske blir lite intressantare då många saker varvas om vartannat istället för att nöta en enda sak i ett halvår :-)

    Kommer som sagt fortfarande göra inlägg på mina vanliga forum och trådar, men merparten kommer hamna exklusivt på bloggen.


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