29 August 2010

Journey into madness - "the Sturdy Wench"

Finished painting the boat today so from now on focus will be on the remaining 6 models of the crew/expedition as well as all the nasty things they will encounter on their trip.

The boat is pretty rough, and roughly painted, but with models and crates and other stuff placed on it I think it looks pretty OK. In the end its main purpose is to provide a game feature, not be an display model.

Just to show the feel of what I think the game should be about I placed some unwashed villagers and some mythos creatures - to make it appear as if they attack it to get their  little Cthulhu statue back.

"The captain agreed to take us along the coast north and then up the river, I saw that someone had painted a small Elder sign on one of the 2nd deck walls. I wonder if it is the work of a crewman, or if it was left by some previous passenger as a warning.

dr Henry Armitage"


  1. Sjukt najs, hur har du tänkt att spelsystemet ska vara? Ska allt utspela sig på båten eller...?

  2. Båten ska vara en del av spelet, tänk dig en mix av A Shadow over Innsmouth och båtfärden i Apocalypse Now. Den kommer både utgöra transportmedel och utgångspunkt/bas i uppdragen. Ska börja skriva på story och regler under veckorna som kommer - när det är klart så kommer det läggas upp här på bloggen för nedladdning.


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