30 August 2010

Journey into madness - two more models and some fishnets

I was given an excellent suggestion over at The Miniature Page yesterday about adding some fishnets on the boat, so I did and I think it made a huge impact on the look. It now looks even more rustic. Also according to another suggestion I added a little gold piece in one of the fishnets - maybe something caught by accident in the waters around Innsmouth?

Also painted up the second adventurer and one deckhand armed with a club - might come in handy fighting of tentacles and whatnot that might appear out of the water not to mention causing blunt trauma to the head of anyone uninvited trying to climb aboard the ship.

Now over the coming days I will continue to paint up the remaining members of the expedition - but - I will show other stuff on the blog in the meantime until the rest of the group is finished. To keep rotation of subjects as well as vary the content between miniatures, boardgames and other stuff.

So there will be a few painting tutorials (now I know I'm not the master of painting models, but I have a few tutorials that might help out some beginners as well as the "average" painter that hasn't reached Golden Deamon skills with his brushes yet. And of course a solid introduction to H.P. Lovecraft - to make anyone following the blog and who does not know anything or at least not much about Lovecraft to get to know his novels, his twisted universe and the "mythos" with all the sick and weird stuff. Hopefully that will make it easier to follow some of the upcoming content as well. 


  1. Couldn't you add some car tiers to the hull of the ship? Like most "tog" boats, or the likes have in real life?

  2. Ingen aning om varför kommnentaren blev på engelska... haha.

  3. Ah if I would have had some I most definitely would have done that - always looks cool :-)

    However I'm on the lookout for an old 1920/1930's lorry.

  4. Älskar Cthulhu f.ö. Underbar idé! Ser verkligen fram emot speltester! :)

    När lite regler kommit fram kan jag själv nog vara sugen på att vara med och testa det, om det kommer spelas något på KK!

  5. Kommer säkert ta med det ner till spelningarna nån gång när jag väl fixat regler och resterande modeller samt skrivit kampanjen. Förhoppningsvis blir det klart under hösten.


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