26 August 2010

Königstiger mecha

The name was chosen to represent the increase in size, armor and firepower over the Tiger mecha – just like the historical Tiger and Königstiger tanks.

I got this idea quite early on, pretty much as soon as the official Tiger mecha for Secrets of the Third Reich was announced. I saw the pictures, and although I found the model to look OK, I wanted something more massive and over the top for the hull itself. While the original was pretty much a Tiger tank turret with rocket launchers attached, this conversion is armed to the teeth.

OK let’s start from the original parts, the legs and the base are all original, everything in white resin on the pictures is from the original Tiger Mecha kit. What I did was to chop of the very front of the turret as well as the back of a Kryo Mech walker and attached them to each other. This didn’t look pretty , it was too apparent that these parts were from two different models. I masked this by using plasticard which I bent into shape and attached to the Kryo Mech crew compartment and wrapped the back of the mecha and original Tiger mecha turret. I added some leftover components from both kits to make it look like some sort of engine at the very back and added the exhaust pipe from the tiger mecha to enhance this notion.

With the body pretty much complete, it was time to arm this baby, I used the two Tiger Mecha rocket launchers pretty much as they were intended, attached side by side with the commanders cupola. Attached the original Tiger mecha flamethrower and multi barreled HMG to the side of the hull. The original 88mm gun was attached to the side of the mecha by using some leftover parts to make it appear as if it was part of some moving part making it able to change facing and traverse a little. The ammo clip was donated to me by a friend, it’s an old WH40k Cadian autocannon clip.

I also bought lots of small weapons from the Kryo Mech range which I attached all over the mecha, imagining that something of this size would have to fend of both tanks, infantry and aircraft. The inspiration for the many machine guns were the Flying Fortress airplane, I really wanted to give the crew a chance to fight back from as many angles as possible. This is also why there is one machine gun pointed towards the rear near the engine compartment.

I also tried to imagine how the crew would enter the mecha, and how they would load it with ammunition. There are 4 hatches, one in the commanders cupola, one on top of the main crew compartment, one beneath the mecha which I imagine would serve as an emergency exit along with some rope ladder, and there is also a side hatch for ammunition on the same side as the HMG and 88 are located.
To the front I attached a twin linked mean looking machinegun should the flamethrower not be enough to mop up infantry resistance.

Finally I attached a pintle mounted MG34 onto the commanders cupola. The US casualties are from Black Tree Design, and the base was strewn with rubble and pieces of wood and some barbed wire. The idea behind the base was that the Königstiger mecha had stomped right up to some US position and blown it to pieces leaving one dazed (and with a leg missing) survivor to look up in horror at the behemoth.
In terms of painting I went for a dunkelgelb factory color – rushed out of the factory with no time to camouflage it. The entire model was painted to look worn and dirty. All symbols are painted by freehand. I chose the name Odin, as I felt it fitted to name such a large mecha after a norse god,  and on one of the legs you can see the symbol for the SS 101st Schwere panzer abteilung – because even with Secrets being set in a somewhat fictional setting I still believe many of the authentic WW2 formations would make up the bulk of the armed forces on all sides. And this is an idea that I execute on pretty much all armored vehicles in my SoTR collection.

Some of you history buffs may notice  that the number of this beast is 001. I was notified at some point that armored formations always started with any number but 0, because the 3 digit code is showing platoon formation and command vehicle status. However the fluff I wrote for this model is that this beast is only one of 3 produced to date, and this particular one is the only one out of those three actually taking part in combat at this time. Designed in 1947 they started to be built in 1948.

Armament wise it has:
1x 88mm MK5 L/45 AT gun
1x Heavy flamethrower
1x HMG
1x Twin linked LMG
4x Packed LMG’s
1x Pintle mounted LMG
2x Rocket Pods

Other specifications are:
6 crew including commander
Height 15meters
Width 4.5meters
Weight 74 metric tons
Armor ranging from 30-220mm
Maximum Speed 34km/h
Operational Range 240km

It is also 15cm/6" tall measuring from the toes to the top of the rocket pods. 19cm/9,5" counting the bottom of the base to the top of the antenna.

It is the single most expensive model in my collection, as the cost of both kits and extra parts landed somewhere around 650 SEK. I have not used in in any regular SoTR game, but it is frequently used as an objective marker. Besides, it was a lot of fun to build and paint such a beast.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you again tomorrow with some painted West Wind adventurers that I intend to use for some Lovecraftian skirmish game I’ve yet to write rules for.


  1. Den är så sinnesjukt ball! :D

  2. "It is so crazy cool" haha

    I'm pretty happy with how it turned out myself. Never actually used it in a game other than as a stationary objective during our Swedish tournament.

  3. Dam thats impressive, like the detail of the yank lying on the base.


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