17 August 2010

List of planned activities

At the moment I'm busy studying for an exam which I'll have to write on the 27th this month so my posts until then will not be too long or extensive. With the exam done I will have time for the great chunks that are the reason for me creating this blog.

For those who want to know what I will write about in the near future, here's a list in no particular order:

- Review of GW's 08 battlemat - the new fabric one, which I used for my new gametable which is drying as I write this.

- Plow through and review my Arkham Horror board gamecollection (probably the boardgame me and my friends play the most)

- Take a look at some of the units from the SoTR:Doomsday expansion and write about their battlefield roles and performances.

- Complete introductions to SoTR, This Very Ground, Legends of the Old West, Malifaux.

- Review/guide to Incursion

- Painting of miniatures, primarily for Malifaux - models from West Winds Gothic Horror range

- A look at the Gothic Horror range models from West Wind which I use for my Malifaux Resurrectionist gang.

- A look at 6mm stuff.

- Report from SoTR demo at SydCon  21/08/2010

And much more.

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