24 August 2010

Operation Fallen Reich (a glimpse at a roleplaying game)

Operation Fallen Reich.
Heard about this game for the first time during this year’s SydCon, actually from the son of the game developer during a demo game of SoTR.

My knowledge about the game is somewhat limited at the moment, I hope to write a proper review at some point, but for now I’ll just fill you in on the game and give you a bunch of links to check it out on your own.

The game itself is a role-playing game, and from what I could gather seems to be a mix of X-files/Sherlock Holmes/H.P Lovecraft mysteries and good old fashion monster hunting – I imagine that this game would reflect the organization of MI-13 from Secrets of the Third Reich pretty well. With permission of the game developers I have some original text and pictures from their homepage at my disposal to describe things further in a proper way:

Collecting stamps, going to the pub or just fighting evil? operation: fallen reich is a role playing game set in the Second World War. The heroes are a team of colourful and more or less effective British citizens with distinct

They must leave their previous professions and hobbies to form secrete teams with sensitive missions. Such a team may consist of a polite fighter aces, a blasé big game hunter, a dare devil fashion designer and a very understanding upper class drone. It’s their task to track down and stop evil, hopefully in time for tea...

Despite its World War Two setting the game is not at all a pure war game — but it could be. A scenario could be set at a tennis championship Midsummer, on an archaeological digging in Peru, in the London subway or on a raid against a SS-headquarter right in the war zone. The period provides unlimited possibilities in a world trembling by the force of humanity’s greatest conflict.
The characters are of the highest importance to the game. Preferably they are generated by the so called Life Board, a wonderful new way of creating good characters. By rolling a dice and drawing cards on the extensive Life Board, a complete character with skills, personalities and even a full background story can be created in less than an hour. A rather amusing hour that is, which is fortunate as the players usually have a few characters to choose from. It is also good to have a few dashing (or not so dashing) heroes in reserve, fighting evil is rather hefty work and the casualty rates tend to be high.

Does the concept confuse you? Let us do the following definition: Imagine the X-files set in WW2 with Moulder and Scully exchanged to Wooster and Jeeves.

The game seems to be made up of two major components, the rulebook which looks to be hardback – and the boxed “life board” which contains a board and lots of cards and make up the game areas/locations/events.

Other things such as mission generators, free downloadable PDF files and additional mission books can be found on the homepage. The homepage overall looks to be filled with interesting stuff.

The scenario generator in particular gets the imagination going and I would recommend to check it out : http://www.fallen.se/products/page/668/100-million-scenarios

Even if your main thing isn’t roleplaying games – like myself I only play RPG’s on PC – the setting and content of this game should appeal to anyone interested in the themes of the game. As a product the game has a real retro feel to it, looking like a very old game in its design/colors/pictures which fits the setting.

Check out the main homepage of Operation Fallen Reich at: http://www.fallen.se/main/

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