20 August 2010

Preparations for SoTR demo at SydCon

This will be my last post before SydCon which is this weekend - though I'm only going to attend during Saturday.

The idea of the SoTR demo table I'm bringing is a quick and easy to learn "Escort duty" scenario. The allies represented by 1 Armored Infantry squad divided into 2 Fire Teams backed up by a squad of Engineers with dual flamethrowers have to escort a captured German U-boat captain to the safety of a bunker in this area.

What they don't know is that the area is crawling with zombies, and there is a German sniper duo camping somewhere to prevent clear access. The Germans also have a werewolf at their disposal.

As you can see from the picture the terrain is pretty much rural and straightforward. Normally SoTR use more terrain, but since the Germans only have 2 models with fire arms I figured this should be enough for a "beginner’s mission".

Those big patches are going to have trees attached to them, I just don't have the trees yet, but will have them at SydCon.

I still have not decided upon how to use the zombies, but I think at least some should be in persuit and enter the board behind the allies, and some should come from the side where the bunker is located to slow them down a bit. Will see how it goes tomorrow.



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