15 September 2010

15mm Secrets of the Third Recih [Special]

The question about compatibility of the Secrets of the third Reich rules with 15mm scale comes up from time to time. "Ryoden", a fellow member of the SoTR community has been generous enough to let me use his battlereport for my blog entry to give an insight on how the game works on this smaller scale.

I also asked him to provide some links to where you can get Weird WW2 models in 15mm scale. What follows below is written by Ryoden and posted with his permision. Enjoy.

1: Using 50% scale takes too long unless you are using a really small playing area, we used a 4 foot by 3 foot board and after a quick calculation switched to 75% scale (calculated by doubling the given measurements in the rules and then changing them to cm; so 4" becomes 8cm).  Basically I checked to see how long it would take an infantry unit on foor using standard 2" move (at 50%) to reach the centre from the corners where we started, which was 2x7 = 14" so i switched to 75% scale.

2: The fact that I built more cover (buildings) made a lot of difference after our prelim test scrap a few weeks ago when tanks ruled, not the troops have a lot more cover.

3: Tanks and mechs played a big part in 15mm but this is probably down to the fact that you can afford more vehicles and fit them on the table easier than with 25mm.

Brief summary of our game which was a 7 turn reach the church in the centre and make base contact with fallen artifact, 1 vp per turn in contact.

Turn 1
The British (me) moved both snipers on the double into the bell tower and hid, my morter crew took cover at the base of the tower while the radio spotter joined the snipers.  The paras moved directly towards the church at best speed using available cover, the HMG team dived into a shell hole covering one approach to the church while the two churchills and the Achilles moves down the side of the board in an attempt to cover the other side of the church.
The Germans despite having halftracks and cars failed to maximize their speed advantage, one platoon piled out into a tall(ish) building overlooking the church, while the others milled around the next closest building, both Panther tanks split up one covering the long road towards the church the other moved into cover 1 street down with the cars.

Turn 2
The Stuka was called in to drop a bomb on one of the Churchills (which subsequently moved).  The British commander called in a squadron of 3xWASPS, all three landed behind and to the flanks of the furthest Panther which was on overwatch in the wrong direction.  However the Germans had a stack of men nearby in halftracks and withdrew to cover the drop spots in ambush overwatch.  The Paras moved closer to the church, the other British standard platoon moved at 90 degrees to cover the tanks, which were now in position to cut off the zombie advance if they appeared in the main street.  The zombies milled forwards bt stayed in cover.
The WASPS landed into a hail of HMG, rifle and LMG fire but miraculously survived with only a lost HMG arm and a -1 to speed class.  All 3 WASPs opened fire on the Panther with flamethrowers and scored 2 penetrations on the rear and flank damaging it's speed class and then immobilizing it.

Turn 3
The WASPS flew around flaming disembarked troops and zombies, killing the panzerschreck team and 5 zombies.  Combined German fire from tanks and soldiers blew another HMG arm off and immobilized another WASP.  The Mortar team spotter managed to drop a round, missed the target but hit the Panther for zero effect.  The Para's made a run for the church and were exposed but thankfully nobody was in view.

Turn 4
Two WASPs are killed (crew survived) and the Panther which can still move seems tied up trying to take down the final WASP which is immobilized but awful dice rolls enable it to survive.  The Paras reach the objective and take defensive positions.  The rest of the British troops take cover in a nearby building covering the approach to the church in case the support tanks get nailed.

Turn 5
The Germans realize that they have been outmaneuvered by the WASPs into taking too much time with them, the Panther blows the leg of the final WASP and takes it out of the game.  The Zombies finally move past the barbed wire and approach the church but fall victim to a couple of well placed tank shells killing 10 of the original 40.

Turn 6
The remaining Panther which is undamaged finally gets the courage to come out of cover and takes out the overwatching Achilles after it missed the Panther, the Churchill takes a potshot back but misses as well.  German troops re-enter their vehicles and race to the rear of the church.

Turn 7
The Panther kills the Churchill but can't do much else, the Zombies are one turn from reaching the Paras inside and can't make it.  Likewise the disembarking German troops can't reach the objective this turn.

Victory for the Brits.

The websites we used were mainly for flames of war figures but the "special" and mechs need to be looked around for.

http://www.flamesofwar.com/online_store.aspx - this is the basic FOW site which is good for all your WWII figs
http://www.wargamestore.com/Flames-Of-War-p-1-c-363.html - this one sells FOW as well and is a tad cheaper (no delivery charge when we purchased)
http://www.rebelminis.com/15mm-zombies-and-unde.html - Rebel Minis are a US site but are the best (and only as far as I know) that sell 15mm WWII zombies US, German, Russian and British)
http://thesceneuk.com/  -  The scene do some 15mm sci-fi which might be used for certain specials.
http://khurasanminiatures.tripod.com/adventure.html  -  Khurasan do a nice range of 15mm - the sci-fi range has some nice powered armour that could be used as light mech or big powered armour in 15mm - I used one as the WASP.

Oh and another thing I noticed with 15mm and realistic terrain, I based mine on 15mm round bases but these need to be a bit bigger as they fall over on terrain slopes and edges otherwise (ours were individually based for the weird war rules as normally they are several figs to a base in 15mm).

Pics from the game:

Thanks again to Ryoden for providing me with this battlereport, pictures and information - hopefully this will help people that can't decide whether or not they can start with SoTR depending on their 15mm scale models.

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  1. Nice blog - I hope it is of use to someone. Something I forgot to mention was that some of our 15mm units were not individually based, all the teams such as bazooka pairs and mortar teams I based as a normal flames of war group (all on one base)


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