27 September 2010

Balsa is awesome

I was introduced to balsa thru my friend Calle/Millmir earlier this year and started building terrain out of balsa like never before. I love how easy it is to cut and glue stuff together, and you need nothing but a sharp knife and good glue to create a building in an hour or two.

Here are some terrain pieces I've made purely out of balsa for my "Legends of the Old West" and "This Very Ground" games. I need to make more boxes, allthough dull work they are extremely useful in every game system I play as filler terrain to make the board and locations look more "alive".

I painted the terrain using acrylic paint bought in an artstore, large brushes and water-based paint for indoor use bought in a hardwarestore.

1 comment:

  1. you should try basswood. it's usually available a the same places Balsa is, but is a little more hard/durable(but is still a softer would).

    nice looking stuff.


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