02 September 2010

Borodino 7 Sep. 1812 vignette

About a year back or I stumbled across a pretty good Polish model store that sells excellent resin kits dirt cheap. I mean at least by Swedish standards (or if you compare to Forge World...).
The store is still around, check it out and check out the M Models 1/32 (54mm) range in particular:

Anyway, so I ordered one Polish officer and these two Russian grenadiers. It was the first time in my life I've painted anything this big - but it was a lot of fun. The result may not be mindblowing but I find it looks quite alright for a first try. Like most of the times when I feel I'm tinkering with something special I took a lot of WIP pictures of the entire process which could be interesting to watch. You can see the "resin parts - to painted models" pictures below.

The resin parts were all well casted, no air bubbles or anything like that. I used greenstuff to fill some gaps between the joints.

As this was actually my first time painting Napoleonics I googled around a bit, until I asked the seasoned Napoleonics veterans over at the Steve Dean Painting forum what exactly these models were and what colors to paint them in. Got tons of pointers and tips, one of them was actually that these two were Grenadiers but the box cover has them painted a elite Guards. Anyway, so I started out with the wounded officer, or at least I assumed he was wounded and just didn't slip on the mud - so I gave him a bullet wound to the leg.

Next up the Grenadier coming to the officers aid.

Both finished and matt varnished. At one point during the process I almost broke the sword by accident, that is why it is a bit bent. The details on the bayonet and the sword in particular are so crazy thin I was scared throughout the painting process not to break it by accident.

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