22 September 2010

Incursion "Stupid Good Deal" ends October 2nd!

For those who have not seen this, Grindhouse is having a couple of what they call "Stupid Good Deal" up at the moment. I limited offer on various configurations of boxed boardgame and miniatures.

Stupid Good Deal #1

Includes Boxed Board Game, German Starter Set (12 models) and Allied Starter Set (6 models). The first 25 orders will also get an extra full set of Sturmzombies (6) and Bomberzombies (2). That's a retail value of about $230. Sitting on the fence about Incursion? Jump in now. Hardcore fan? Bulk up for big-ass games. Extra zeds, APEs, cards, board, etc. You know you want to... Offer ends October 2.

$100.00 USD

Stupid Good Deal #2

Includes Incursion Boxed Board Game and a sampling of our models: 2 Sturmzombies and Gretel Von X. Retail value $77.50. Jump into Incursion while the getting is good! Get your extra set cheap with a couple of zeds to boot if you already own the game. Offer ends October 2, 2010.

$30.00 USD

Stupid Good Deal #3

 Includes an Allied Starter Set, A german Starter Set, and an extra pair of sturmzombies. Don't expect any fancy shrink-wrapping or anything though! Ends October 2.

$75.00 USD

Stupid Good Deal #4

 Expand your Game. Includes MI-13 Starter Pack, Extra Game Board, and a pair of Sturmzombies. Probably won't get any fancy packaging with this! Ends October 2.

$35.00 USD

So head over to Grindhouse Games and make your pick:

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