03 September 2010

Journey into madness - Expedition assembled

Been somewhat busy throughout the week (luckily I have a large stock of pictures and stuff that I can always post when time is short). Anyway, I got around to finish painting the last model this evening. Tried a somewhat experimental paint style on the last 3 models - one that leaves the brush strokes quite visible. Also tried a different skin recipe and paint style on the faces of those two models with knives in their hands.

Going to play some boardgame tomorrow (probably Puerto Rico) with some friends - will bring my camera and make a description of the game along with some pictures of it once I get home. I will also start writing the first review of the Fantasy Flight Games "Arkham Horror" boardgame series - starting of course with "Arkham Horror" itself.

Some atmospheric pictures for the rulebook that I will create in PDF later this fall. It will most likely contain a roster of the main expedition with stats and backstory for each member, one part with additional characters, missions, story and of course a "mythos roster" for the opposing player playing the monsters, freaks and villains of the campaign.

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