12 September 2010

Journey into madness - Proto Shoggoth monsters

A pair of "Proto Shoggoth" monsters from EM4, they will be used for my "Mythos" roster for the game. Shoggoths in HP Lovecrafts universe were servants to the Elder Things and were featured in my favorite novel "At the mountains of madness". They are somewhat larger than regular humans so I figure there stats should be above average.

Rulewise I'm thinking multiple wounds per model along the lines of Malifaux, including "Sanity" for humans and something like "self preservation" for the "Mythos" units. I'm still pretty much collecting ideas for the rules which I'll be writing later on when I feel I have enough of everything to start writing down and playtesting my ideas.

Models are from EM4, Cthulhu 25mm range.

EM4 models and those West Wind ones I use for the expedition are from Kulturkommissariatet.
If you live outside of Sweden I think going straight to the source would be the best and cheapest option.


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