08 September 2010

Malifaux game 8/9-10

Tried out a new scenario for Malifaux with my buddy today. The Guild had to hold out near the middle of the board while fending off the Resurrectionist onslaught. The grave robbers came in from two sides at once, and could replace dead troops the following turn along the deployment edges - their objective to beat the Guild back to the stoneage. Points awarded for killed master, 50% and 100% killed Guild gang. The Guild got 1VP for each turn they held out and 2VP if they were still around at the end of turn 5 and had someone inside the VP area in the middle of the board.

35 soulstones per side.

Guild was led by Sonia (but replaced with a male character proxy "Harlan" - I agree with my buddy that it is plain silly that all of the characters for the Guild are women and he already has Perdita as well in his collection hence the male proxy). The Resurrectionists were led by Nicodem the undertaker.

The game was really bloody. Here are some pics.

The battlefield, a few scattered buildings surrounded by small groves.

The Guild boys guard their turf.

Sebastian the Morgue assistant, I use West Wind Gothic Horror models as proxy for all my Malifaux Resurrectionists. This guy is equipped with a nice bonesaw and kicks serious ass in close combat, not only dealing lots of damage but slicing body parts off his opponents which can be used to summon canine remains.

A "Rotten Belle", God bless those undead hookers for being a mayor distraction. I guess enemy units are grossed out but can't stop looking anyway lol.

Quite valuable unit, you can mess a little with the enemy by using spells like "Lure" making enemy models move towards the Rotten Belle. Dragging them out of cover or move them into charge range of your other troops.

A Rotten Belle and a "crooked man" fights it out with a Guild Judge.

The Guild executioner, the "Big fucking gun" of the Guild. He has poor defense values, but he smacks people over the head in a most brutal fashion, can decapitate enemy models and heals himself after each kill. Here he is fighting two "Punk Zombies".

Rotten Belle and Crooked Man taking a stroll among the corpse counters. The dice is just used to show how many wounds have been inflicted on the models.

A lonely Rotten Belle is soon to be targeted by the Judge's ranged attacks.

Executioner again, this time facing the imminent charge of a Punk Zombie and Canine Remains. Again with some corpse counters in the background.

A demented nurse is standing base to base with the Canine Remains and the Punk Zombie providing defense and armor bonuses with her "bedside manner" rule LOL!

Lurking in the woods watching the Executioner roll his thumbs.

Harlan (Sonia) , master over this Guild gang - very potent "anti magic" character. Facing Nicodem suits him well.

Nicodem watching his freaks move into action. Both he and Harlan would both be dead when the game ended.

The Judge along with a badly bruised Executioner were the only survivors, 4 of their buddies from the Guild bit the dirt. The Resurrectionist also took lots of casualties and never really got around to raise lots of undead troops. Among the survivors were some Rotten Belles and Punk Zombies.

Game ended with a slim victory for the Guild who held out.

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