16 September 2010

Painting White [Tutorial]

Probably the color that causes more headache than anything else when painting models.
Personally I find painting white strangely rewarding. But you must have a mindset from the start that is set on “layer after layer after layer of time consuming thin layers upon layers”. If you rush the process it will turn into crap, and it pretty much looks like crap up until the very end (2-3 layers before you’re done).

I first started painting white when I started playing This Very Ground – a small scale skirmish game set in the French & Indian War which required me to paint some French Regulars (white with blue details). I have since used pretty much the same two methods of painting white ever since. Depending on whether you want a more clean white look or a more milky color you can try out the recipes below (pics of models I use for This Very Ground, my own Lovecraft adventure and the Von X sisters from Incursion):

“Milky white”----------->
Charred brown coat (1 layer)
Charred Brown + Dark Sand (1 layer)
Dark Sand (1 layer)
Dead white + dark sand (1-2 layers)
Dead white+ tiny bit dark sand (1-2 layers)

You can smooth out the white surface (sometimes it gets a bit weird when you paint thin layers of white and this will then tie it  all together nicely and smooth out the surface) by using bottled matt varnish and apply it with a brush.

"Pure white"----------->
Adeptus Battlegrey coat  (1 layer)
Adeptus Battlegrey + Astronomicon Grey (1 layer)
Astronomicon Grey (1 layer)
Astronomicon Grey + White (1 layer)
More white added over (2 more layers )
White (1 layer, then 1 watered down layer)

Just as with the first method you can use Matt Varnish to smooth things out and tie the layers together.

Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy and not that time consuming - though I don't know if you would want to paint regiment after regiment for some Napoleonic 28mm game that require 200+ models. But as these models are all used for skirmish games with around 50 models per side it is endurable.

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  1. for me it get's interesting when i get to pick the colors up :)) it's crazy thinking you will have a one day decision following you the rest of your life allover the room...


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