23 September 2010

Polish TKS Tankette

Repainted my Polish TKS tankette (1:56 Bolt Action Miniatures model) last night but my camera batteries died before I got a chance to take some pictures.

So here it is, painted it in the 1939 camo pattern - as it looks so damn cool and different. Even if Secrets of the Third Reich which I use this model for takes place 1949 I think the "cool factor" alone warrants this camo. I will probably order a pack of those Tankettes from Warlord Games before the months end as they are now sold in packs of 2 for £15 and free shipping until the end of the month. Since I use them according to the small chassis rules of SoTR I can field them in squadrons of 3 per support option - rulewise I buy them according to the Small chassis/Light armor/armed with HMG mechas which makes them reasonably priced. Their low sillhuette is priceless though as they are easy to hide in or behind terrain and obstacles.

I will also repaint my 2 Cromwell tanks as well as the Battlemaster Recon transport in the same type of camo pattern. Now that will be interesting, as those tanks are much larger and the camo pattern might be a bit trickier to paint on large scale - but it  should look as cool as this Tankette if done right.

And what it used to look like.....

Used a bunch of paints and experimented my way to this result. I was only going to use a few paints but ended up using these:

Charred Brown
Orange Fire
Negro Black
Dead White
Scarlett Red
Blood Red
Scrofulous Brown
Dead Flesh

GW/Citadel Orkhide Shade
Knarloc Green
Iyanden Darksun
Boltgun Metal

Thraka Green
Baal Red
Badab Black
Gryphonne Sepia
Ogryn Flesh
Devlan Mud

Took about 90 minutes to repaint the model, I'm lucky my previous paintjob was brown as it worked perfectly as a basecoat for this camo pattern.

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