06 September 2010

Quick & easy green armor [tutorial]

I thought I could share my way of painting tanks - especially green armor which can be a pain to paint (unlike "Dunkelgelb" which is easy to paint in interesting ways and dirty down without problems).

I should add that this tutorial will work very poorly on yellow armor, and not really show on brown armor. But I painted up my Soviet vehicles in under 2 hours using this technique.

Now I know a lot of you folks out there got MIG pigments, and proper weathering kits, airbrushes and whatnot. So this tutorial is mainly aimed at the average gamer/painter without all that fancy stuff.

What you need:

Citadel Foundation Paints (Orkhide Shade, Knarloc Green, Mechrite Red, Dheneb Stone, Khemri Brown)
Some dark brown paint of your choice.
Colors of your choice for freehand stuff unless you have transfers.
Deep mixing pot, large brush that can soak up a lot of liquid, and your regular brushes.


Let's start out with the basecoat. I spray all my models with black spray. Old habits die hard, and I find the surface to be smoother after using black spray than using white (which sometimes tend to make the surface rough) and you can afford to miss one tiny spot while painting without it becoming apparent when you're done.

Now we paint the hull of the tank in Orkhide shade, cover everything good. Next, mix about 50-50 of Knarloc Green and Orkhide Shade and make a rough highlight of the entire hull. This highlight is pretty rough, you mainly want to paint 80-85% of the hull in this new mix but leave some dark patches in strategic places, you can afford to leave some undercoat showing in in places where angles meet etc.

Next up is painting on all the freehand symbols and text - if you have transfers now is the time to apply them. Though I cannot vouch for how they will react to the upcoming steps where heavy amount of liquid is brushed over the entire tank.

Time to mix our dirt/rust recipe - dark brown, Mechrite Red and water. The mix should be pretty much as thin as water. You will splash this on your armor in rich amounts but it is supposed to dry and leave only a thin layer of paint. If the mix is too thick you will instead cover your entire paintjob up to this point in brown-red paint...

Now, the idea is to give your vehicle a good mix, make the fluid really gather in recesses and cracks like in the picture. Once this thinned down paint dries it will be all kinds of rusty looking colors.

Leave it alone to dry, you could keep an eye out for weird formations of this wash gathering in unnatural places. If you see anything like that use your brush to soak up and smear out the wash some more on the surface.

Next up is to really make a worn look by using a heavy duty brush and some dark brown paint. Use the side of your brush and drag it along all angled edges. You might also want do drybrush some dark brown in places where you think the paint on the vehicle would wear down fast.

Almost done now, only the tracks are left, paint them in dark brown, cover every inch of this surface with dark brown since this will be the basecoat. Next you will give the tracks a nice dirty/dusty look by drubrushing the hell out of them using Khemri Brown and finaly Dheneb Stone.

If you are like me, and fancy putting your 1:56 vehicles on a base - you might paint the base the same way before gluing the vehicle onto it.

And here's the finished result. Real easy and fast way to paint green armor once you get the hang of it. You could try out this method on something small or insignificant so that you get a grip of the method before starting your "assembly line" painting.

Some more pictures of finished models I've painted using this method.


  1. Great tutorial!

    The end result does look very good ;)

    Which rules do you use these vehicles and Armour with?

    Happy Gaming,


  2. Hi Allan,

    I use these vehicles for Secrets of the Third Reich. It's a Weird WW2 game that mixes traditional vehicles of WW2 with mechas and other crazy stuff :-)

  3. Very nice tutorial. Great technique for some quicker armour!

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