25 September 2010

Secrets of the Third Reich [Diorama]

Earlier this year there was a painting competition over at the Secrets of the Third Reich forums - the requirements were that you should paint a SoTR squad/group of models. 

So I figured I would do a diorama since I didn't have any models left to paint for my regular platoons and fancied doing something different. And if you aren't familiar with SoTR it is basically a Weird-WW2 game set in the year of 1949, with mechas, zombies, werewolves and all sorts of crazy stuff ( I will try to review the game next week). I thought it would be nice to make a winter diorama with US troops dressed in white uniforms, part of a trench and some sort of assaulting Weird unit. The idea of it being the 2nd battle for the Bulge seemed cool, and the Weird unit became an assaulting blood frenzied German werewolf.

Here are a bunch of pictures showing the process of creating the diorama from scratch up to the finished painted end result. I ended 1st place with Thib-0 and Agis sharing 2nd place. The margin was extremely narrow, 1 or 2 votes in difference. I actually think theirs was better painted, I figure I got some votes only because it was a diorama as there were few of those in the competition.

You can check out all the entries over at the SoTR forum in this thread


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