01 September 2010

September 1st, 1939 [Polish special]

As today is the date WW2 in Europe began I found it fitting to show some of my Polish WW2/Weird WW2 models today along with some excerpts from my homemade armybook/OoB for SoTR. Models are a mix of Bolt Action Miniatures, West Wind Productions and Black Tree Design. Being born in Poland and having the interest for WW2 history handed down generation to generation makes me extra excited about Poland’s involvement in the WW2 and I often feel the early war stuff is vastly overlooked (not only invasion of Poland but pretty much everything up until Dunkerque is rarely mentioned in any wargame. Luckily Bolt Action Miniatures made some pretty awesome Polish early war stuff - and Warlord Games mentioned at some point that there will be more stuff released for the Polish range.

What I use for Secrets of the Third Reich for my Polish allied contingent is mostly historical Polish army miniatures along with UK Cromwell tanks and some SoTR support options like the Battlemaster Recon APC and the "British Steel", "Templar Assault Squad" (use them as Polish 2nd Corp - but fluffwise they've kept their Polish uniforms).

I also have a small force of resistance fighters of the Polish "Armia Krajowa" (AK) which was the largest organized resistance in Europe during WW2 - their hour of glory and in the end defeat was during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

Some stuff from my armybook (it's written in English) which you may download for free (it is hosted on the SoTR forum) - the link is right here in the sidebar but you may also use this link right here http://secretsofthethirdreich.com/forums/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=2595.0;attach=4820 . It has some authentic WW2 history with descriptions of different military organizations, military leaders, important battles and such. The second half of the armybook is pure fiction taking place in the world of SoTR:1949 where I describe the situation of the Armia Krajowa in the ruins of Warsaw, have a full OoB for a Armia Krajowa platoon and lots of pictures and tips on how to collect Polish forces for WW2/Weird WW2.

Some other things I would like to recommend taking a look at/watching:

Norman Davies "Rising 44" : Not only an excellent book about the Warsaw uprising of 1944 - but it also explains the political situation from the rebirth of the Polish republic after WW1 up to the outbreak of WW2 and also has a large segment where it explains how brutal and devastating the Soviet occupation was after WW2 with persecutions, people sent away to labor camps in Siberia, hunting down of former resistance fighters and killing them etc.

If I recall correctly Davies also explains how the myth about the "stupid Polish cavalry charging German Panzers" was created - historical falsification that is still in place up to this day (I read about it in my Swedish history book in school 14 years ago....).

If you are into metal you might want to check out the Swedish metal band Sabaton's (a group that almost exclusively sings about WW2 battles) songs about the Poles fighting in WW2. "40-1" is about the Battle of Wizna (often called the Polish Thermopylae), the other "Uprising" is about the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. There is a 3rd song called Aces in Exile, but it is more about all foreign pilots taking part in the Battle of Britain and rightly so tells the story of both Canadian (401) and Czechoslovakian (310) pilots as well as Poles (303).



Aces in Exile


There are also two very good documentaries about the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 on youtube, one is made by CNN the other by BBC.

CNN Warsaw Rising: The forgotten soldiers of WW2

BBC Timewatch Battle for Warsaw World War II

My own videos for SoTR featuring my models and SoTR battle as well as historical reference picture:

Polish army platoon

Polish resistance platoon


  1. Great post as always. The OoB is just beutiful. The pics make me think about Hardkor44, I Really hope they get around to completing it.

  2. I have a 'special relationship' with General Sikorski: I wrote my PhD thesis on him.
    Where could I get one of the miniature statues?
    bill couch

  3. I have had a 'special relationship' with General Sikorski for many years: I wrote my PhD thesis on him
    Where could I get one of the miniature statues?
    Bill Couch

  4. Do you by chance still have the pdf? sadly the sotr forums are not working for me.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Sadly I lost the original file that I had on my computer when it crashed some two years ago. And with the old SoTR forum down I'm afraid its lost....

  5. How are SOTR turns played? Are they played like FoW turns or in a different manner?


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