11 September 2010

State of the blog + SoTR game 11/9

I'm pretty pleased with the direction of this blog, I'm also happy to see the high amount of viewers (granted that I announce new stuff on various forum).

There are some pretty cool stuff being prepared for the coming week. But I can't promise which order they'll be posted in and exactly what the content is going to be.

I was contacted today by a fellow member of the SoTR community about 15mm SoTR, so there will be a blog entry about that complete with battle report, links and pictures. I also got my hands on some "bad guys" for my "Journey into madness" game, so expect some monsters being posted here in the near future.

Today I also received an email from Paul at Warlord Games, I emailed him because of the add they had up which said they looked for paintes. Will see how it turns out, could be interesting painting some of their new stuff. There are also a few very cool things that I'm waiting for from GameManiacs which will be reviewed as soon as they arrive - really look forward to see how those products look IRL.

I still have Arkham Horror review on my imminent "to do list", I'm starting to see a potential pattern for my blog where I post 1 tutorial, 1 special and 1 review each week along with 4 posts of random stuff I'm currently doing.

The idea with the blog is to keep it updated every single day - hopefully I'll be able to keep this up. But there may be days where updates are skipped due to me having a load of other stuff to keep my head on or because I simply feel that I don't have anything interesting to post at the moment.

Anyways, long day, most of it was spent over at a game day with my local miniature wargaming club playing Secrets of the Third Reich vs a friend who was trying out his new Soviet platoon. I played with my US platoon. We played 70RP, the usual SoTR battle is 50RP so this was above "standard size". Pretty bloody game that really went back and forth, I dominated turn 1 until my Sherman got blewn to pieces, then my opponent hunted my troops with his T-34 which survived some AT weapon attacks until I finaly destroyed it by using a suicide explosive charge attack with some command squad members. Game ended fairly even with the score of 2-1 in favor of the Soviet player. Here are some pics from the game:

You can read a complete battle report written by my opponent over at the SoTR forum by following this link

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