10 September 2010

Tsar Alexander I

Picked this model up a while back when I had my "Napoleonic frenzy" (ignited by 28mm Polish troops from Front Rank Figurines). The Poles I used for a diorama, this model I bought for the pleasure of painting a single character.

So this is Tsar Alexander I of Russia, I have to say that beside Polish uniforms of the Napoleonic age I love the Russian uniforms a lot. Their uniforms look cool and have great colors. There is something about the mix of green and white. At the same time I have to confess that I find Prussians and British Napoleonic troops (with a very few exceptions such as the Black Watch) to be extremely dull and boring to say the least. Both in design and colors.

The model is 28mm and from Front Rank Figurines, and I have to give Front Rank some praise here. I mean their models not only look cool but they are also imo very cheap and since you can buy single models you can always pick exactly those models you are into instead of having to buy a blister of 4-10 models of which 2 may be nice and the rest may be shit or boring. Even mounted characters are cheap, I think i paid something like 1£ for the rider and 1.66£for the horses in those cases where both were separate models. Compare that to a blister with a single horseman from say GW and your brain will melt away by the absurdity of the later companys prices.

I painted this model using some old oil painting as a reference picture, and like all models from Fron Rank - the quality is top notch on the casting so it is a pure pleasure to paint.

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