07 September 2010

Undead pirates

A few months ago while I was starting to play Legends of the old West I was scouting the net for models and stumbled upon Black Scorpion Miniatures. They had some very crisp 28-32mm models which were perfect for LotoW but while browsing I also found some pretty cool undead pirates that I just had to get - they had a mix of Monkey Island and Pirates of the Caribbean feel to them.

Mainly bought them just to paint them up for the fun of it. Still don't really know what or if I'll end up using them for something - sometimes these things work themselves out over time as new games are discovered. Really enjoyed painting them - sadly though my Army Painted Matt Varnish messed up the captain really bad and two regular pirates to some extent as well....  Had to repaint some things but the surface of the captain looks and feels as if it was covered in GW Roughcoat.

The four pirates came in one blister, the captain was on his own. Although I instantly liked the pose of the captain he lacked a proper beard to look like a real pirate captain - something I added using greenstuff. I also greenstuffed some torn clothing on the regular pirates.

My favourite is the pirate in red, while browsing the Black Scorpion store it was actually this model who stood out to me the most and was the main reason to why I bought the blister. Love the pose.

1 comment:

  1. The painting on these are really good and as you already pointed out the red pirate pose is really cool!


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