26 October 2010

CannonFodder US Navy miniatures - WIP

I was contacted by Richard over at RecreationalConflict ( http://recreationalconflict.lusagi.com/ ) a couple of weeks ago, he had seen that I was on the lookout for some interwar US marines or navy models. He was kind enough to let me buy some of his out of production CannonFodder US Navy miniatures, I bought 10 mixed models which arrived yesterday, based 7 of them today before I ran out of bases....

Anyway they will be used as the 2nd government unit (beside the Federal Agents) sent to look for the expedition from the Miskatonic university.

Did some minor changes to the modesl, added a bayonet and a baseball bat made out of a trimmed toothpick to two of the sailors, and a rough plasticard pistol for the CO whom also got his arms bent into different positions as if he was signaling "hold" or "follow me".

The riflemen are a bit on the slim side but considering the type of clothes they wear I think they will work just fine. Favorite model is the pointing NCO with pump action shotgun.

I will start painting these among other things once my commission painting gets finished later this week.

As for RecreationalConflict, check it out. Lots of cool miniatures for Pulp gaming. Especially the "Robot Legionnaire's" http://recreationalconflict.lusagi.com/hydrapulp.html

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