16 October 2010

Flesh construct

Wrapping up my school work, almost finished with it now after which I will be able to go back to my painting for a while. Some things on the horizon include commission painting an "Warlords" force of Wood Elves, and painting for myself: CannonFodder interwar US Navy, odd models from Reaper and Hessian Jaegers from Perry Miniatures - as well as a bunch of remnant models for my Journey into Madness project.

Until then I thought I could share more pics of things I have at home and already painted up.

This is another one of West Winds "Gothic Horror/Vampire Wars" miniatures. Their take on Frankensteins monster. I use it for Malifaux (Flesh Construct) as well as Secrets of the Third Reich (Flesh Golem). I figure I will use it for Journey into Madness as well, to bring some "Herbert West Re-animator" vibes to a scenario.

I've had a lot of new ideas for my Journey into Madness project, just need some free time away from schoolwork to start writing it down so that it makes any sense to me and to others. Also wondering if I should try to make it a "real" product which can be sold either as a PDF or a real paper rulebook at a small price considering my Polish OoB has had 314 downloads since my upload on 1/8 2010. I learned a few new things during that particular project which could make my next attempt at a homemade rulebook even better. But it would also require using 100% my own work only in terms of text and pictures. I could probably do a lot of mashup photos and ingame pictures, but would still love to include some freaky artwork. Will see how it all turns out.

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  1. I have that figure - it was a joy to paint.



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