15 October 2010

French & Indian War - Continental French

This second part of my French & Indian War collection showcase features a mix of Perry Miniatures and Conquest Miniatures.

Again, the Perry Miniatures American War of Independence (AWI) range is pretty good for your generic militia. I gave both my militia and Indian allies blue details to tie them together and make it easy to pick out whose side they are on when games are being played - not because of historical accuracy.

 Conquest Miniatures is a good source for “British Rangers” and “French Marines” / “Coureur du Bois”, they also have a LOT of different native American miniatures in their store which I think should cover pretty much all tribes in North America. The miniatures are a tiny bit smaller than Perry Miniatures or Front Rank Figurines, they are a bit slimmer in their style of the sculpts themselves. My only complaint is that some of the rifles/muskets are so fine and thin that they bend easily – not on all models but though.

Anyways, I bought the French Marines to fill the role of Coureur du Bois, very cool models.

And Indian allies, the French really relied on the natives for backup and help in the fighting especially early on. And much of the success was due to the Indian style of warfare, loose formation, ambushes, use of cover instead of marching around in the open and take enemy fire stoically. I’m thinking of expanding my Indians with some Perry Miniatures AWI Indians when I place that order for some AWI Hessian Jaegers which will be used as Veteran Militia – sometime next month.

It is a shame that this war is pretty much overlooked (or at least the French & Indian War part of the 7 year war – the European counterpart is pretty much well covered). It is a very interesting conflict, as the setting, use of strategies and native allies and how the war went from a beating of the British at every battle to a complete French surrender at the end of the war.

The British were numerically superior, having a 4:1 advantage of Regular troops. The French had to rely on militia and native allies. Many victories that the French pulled off were thanks to good use of terrain and tactics, and they were often outnumbered while achieving these victories. Of course they could not go on forever, as France did not supply the colonies with enough troops to reinforce the continent – every French loss was lost forever, while the British kept sending troops over the ocean pretty much throughout the war. In one of the few pitched battles, the French rallied what they could muster outside the gates of Quebec, 2000 French regulars, less than a 1000 Colonial regulars and roughly 2000 militia and Indian allies against 5000 British Regulars. Both the British commander James Wolfe and the French commander General Montcalm both died. Montcalm was mortally wounded during the battle and Wolfe was shot to death during as the British started to pursue the routing French.

If ever there was a war made for small scale miniature wargaming skirmish combat – then it is the French & Indian War.

There is a documentary series on YouTube called “Quebec History” which is made up of 14 or something 10 minute episodes, each describing a battle, siege or historical turn of the French and Indian War. Pretty interesting to follow the antics of young George Washington and see how it all played out.



  1. Again superb minis. Clean, bright and very natural looking.

  2. do you recommend any particular game rules that go well with this period?

  3. Eddieharr - you could check out "This very ground" http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.com/2010/10/this-very-ground-special.html

    A skirmish game that I think works very well for this particular war.

  4. The colonial French Marines actually wore white overcoats, and blue under. But the models look amazing. Trying to order some of these from Conquest to paint for our local French fort here in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Fort St. Jean Baptiste. This is the oldest settlement in all of Louisiana purchase.

    As for gaming. I really like skirmish rpg type games, like legends of the high seas and legends of the wild west. Im sure I can simply use the rules from high seas (generally same types of weapons) and go with it.

  5. Go for it Eddieharr, especially if you like RPG elements in skirmish gaming. There are no such thing in the This Very Ground ruleset as it is aimed towards games with 50-60 models per side in units of 5-10 soldiers.


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