14 October 2010

French & Indian War - French European Regulars

Continuing the theme of French & Indian War I thought I will share some closeup pictures of the models I use along with the This Very Ground rules. Starting out with the “Regular” forces and showing the rest tomorrow.

My idea for the French I was going to play was to base them around the forces involved with General Montcalm – also featured as the French commander in the “Last of the Mohicans”. So after some research I found the “Royal Roussillion” regiment, it was formed before the war and was made up of 2 battalions. The 1st battalion was sent to Canada and commanded by Montcalm, while the 2nd battalion remained in France.
Their uniforms are almost completely white, with some light blue details, which I find look very clean and sharp. At this time I could not find good enough looking miniatures that were actually from the time of the 7 year war, so I bought some Perry Miniatures American War of Independence US infantry and painted them to look “French enough”. Some of the miniatures featured brown leather jackets, which just added to the idea of the French having an easier time adapting to the wildlife of Canada than the British and would not turn down a comfortable and warm jacket during a long campaign into the wild.  I actually like the Perry Miniatures range a lot, the sculpts fit my taste perfectly – and I’m considering to buy some Hessian Jaegers and use them as “Veteran Colonial Militia” or “Continental Regulars”.

I usually use these guys as European Regulars, but have on occasion used the models with the leather jackets as Continental Regulars on their own.

The 6pdr is also from Perry Miniatures, American War of Independence range – painted the crew according to 7 year war artillery uniform colors. And since you can fight in close combat with crewmen, as well as receive casualties I made a special base for the cannon – allowing 2 men to stand close to it operating the cannon without actually having to glue anyone onto the base of the cannon itself. The ammunition cart is from Front Rank Figurines.
While browsing “Front Rank Figurines” for models to use with my Polish Napoleonic diorama I also stumbled upon General Montcalm, and a couple of grenadiers and 2 NCO’s that I ordered to boost my ranks. I really like these models as well, though the style of the sculpts is different to those from Perry – but they are pretty much the same size and height.


  1. Thanks, looked through your blog - really like the conversions of the Victric Brits and the Spanish chapel ;-)

  2. supurb work, lovely and crisp, I think I will get myself the Perry gun crew after spotting these lovlies!

    keep it coming

    Sunny Australia

  3. Thanks Matt, I ordered some Perry "Hesse-Cassel Jaegers", not decided wheter to make them continental troops or "veteran Colonial militia". They look very "irregular" in their movement pattern so European Regulars are out of the question. Love those sculpts though and am sure they will find their purpose :D


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