20 October 2010

Journey into madness - Cthulhu high priest

2nd blister from Reaper Miniatures, he will fill the role of the evil High priest commanding all the bad shit inhabiting the weird Esoteric order of Dagon. I figure he will serve as the endgame boss fight.

I finished all my schoolwork last night, and had the day off so I figured I would experiment a little on this model which I reckoned would be the most time consuming and difficult to paint – initially having a total lack of ideas as to what colors I should paint him in. I experimented with source light on the gemstone on his staff, and did the first of my life Non Metalic Metal gold paintjob on his robe trim and collar. I checked some tutorials but ended up doing my own thing taking baby steps throughout the process.  I would be happy to take any critique and pointers on the result.

I almost fucked up the entire paintjob by applying Army Painter matt varnish – in my garage where it is cold as hell. I was only outside for like 20 seconds but as soon as I entered the house again the robes were covered by a “dusty” finish which had to be fixed by applying Vallejo Matt Varnish with a brush. Pretty disturbing since I have a commission incoming and agreed to varnish and matt varnish the models when finished….

On a bright note, I received my small Perry Miniatures order today(2 blisters of Hasse-Cessel Jaegers which will be used as Veteran Militia for my French Indian War French detachment)  – which is insane since I placed it this weekend, they pulled money from my bank account on Monday and it arrived today!  Both Reaper which is located in the US and Perry surprised me this time around with fast/ultra fast delivery.
Two thumbs up for that!


  1. Du kan utvecklas vad gäller mjuka övergångar och rundningar på figuren. Men jag tycker din prälle blev mycket bra, det är mestadels det gröna tygstycket där jag ser att du borde träna på ännu ljusare HL:s i mjuka drag. Vad gäller NMM:en så ser det superbt ut för en första gång, enda kritiken jag har är att de ljusaste punkterna har lite väl stark övergång - det vita borde blivit en ännu "högre" highlight.

    Ser fram emot mer Journey into madness!

  2. Real nice, do you have a painting guide for them or some WIP pictures?

  3. Stewe, just ask away about whatever you are interested in and I'll try to make a tutorial for it next time I paint :-)


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