06 October 2010

Journey into madness - Federal Agents 1

Two out of four WestWind "London detectives" that will serve as federal agents in this game. Really enjoyed painting these two and hopefully the other pair will be just as fun. I'm still working on getting that 20's truck, and spent some time yesterday browsing the internet for proper looking 28mm WW1/interwar US army/marine models.
I figure these guys will work extra in my Legends of the Old West "Lawdog" posse - acting as upstanding citizens or Pinkerton detectives. You can get these models from Kulturkommissariatet or straight from West Wind. The entire Gothic Horror/Vampire Wars range is a goldmine for cool characters and models that suit all kinds of skirmish games. I think the sculptor - Andy Cooper - was much more inspired and had an overall greater time sculpting this range than he actually has sculpting the current SoTR range.


  1. Snygga figurer! Ser fram emot mer om ditt egna spelsystem...

  2. I have a bunch of painted and unpainted US Marines, and sailors, from 1919 to 1939 uniform, they are Cannon Fodder miniatures, as I understand it they are no longer available.
    Let me know, unpainted are $1.75 a fig.

  3. Hi there, I might be interested if the sculpts are of good quality do you have any pictures of the minis? :-)

  4. Great painting! I hadn't seen this Gothic Horror range before - it does have some minis that would work nicely for 20's horror gaming. Any chance you can tell me how tall these guys are to their eyes? I'd like to know how they might scale with some Artizan, Pulp, and Blackcatbases figures I have.

  5. @Joe, some slight variations within the range, but they are more 25mm than 28mm even if some models are a bit taller than 25mm foot to eye level.

    Though most come with a thick metal base which means they will appear taller once you put them on a plastic base. If done right I think they would blend in rather OK.


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