30 October 2010

Journey into madness - US Navy 1

Some of my CannonFodder US Navy , interwar period. Will be used for my Lovecraft project as well.

Painted the guy with the baseball bat/club last night and the 3 others today. Meanwhile I've been reading the Battlestar Galactica rulebook for tomorrow’s game and am very excited about it. That game is probably one of the more complex if not the most complex board game in my collection - but I think it will rock once everyone gets the hang of the rules!

Last week, I also found out about a set of rules for "Lovecraft miniature skirmish gaming" through SteveDeanPainting - the rules "Strange Aeons" looked pretty promising and kind of like a mix of Legends of the Old West and pieces of the Arkham Horror board game series with madness and injuries etc (can't have a Lovecraft game without madness :D ). So my first ever order from Canada was placed a few days ago, and I hope the rules will arrive next week or the week after that - there will be a proper review of Strange Aeons once I've given the rules a try a few time.

If all goes well I could maybe spare myself the time and effort of writing my own rules for the “Journey into madness” stuff I’ve been collecting over the past few months.


  1. Really nice stuff and blog Anatoli. Found you through the LAF. Looking forward to seeing your review of Strange Aeons as I'm contemplating a Lovecraftian game set in Gaslight India sometime in the distant future.


  2. Thanks Furt, will up a review of Strange Aeons ASAP :-)

    Hope the rulebook and expansion book will arrive this coming week or the week after that at the latest. But you never know with the transatlantic shipping.


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