21 October 2010

Journey into madness - Vampire Spawns

This couple of blood frenzied blood suckers are my last Reaper Miniatures blister. Decided to paint them very pale, but with hints of purple and pink in their flesh, thus there was a LOT of mixing paints.

The skin is painted by basecoating with Vallejo Charred Brown, then Tanned flesh, wash of Leviathan Purple. Then a lot of layers where I mixed Vallejo Tanned Flesh, Stonewall Grey & Dead White. Starting with Tanned flesh, mixing stonewall grey into it and white to move towards the pink, pale and white finishing layers.

As I painted these models in the middle of the night, I became excited enough to plan rules for both "This Very Ground" (the French & Indian War game) and "Legends of the old West" (western game). I'm that thinking special scenarios including a vampire hunt could be really damn fun. I will post stats and character sheet for the vampires with rules for both games on the blog before the weekend.

They will also be used for SoTR and Journey into Madness, which will make them the most useful pair of models I have.

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