31 October 2010

Malifaux Resurrectionist "proxy"

Not much painting done today for boardgaming reasons (currently writing down todays game of Battlestar Galactica for the upcoming review). So I thought I would share what I use as proxy for my Malifaux "Resurrectionist" gang.

Since there is no way I would be able to afford the original models  - and in some cases I find the original models ugly (Nicodem for instance....). So what I use is mostly West Wind "Gothic Horror/Vampire Wars" range. Much cheaper, as I get 4-8 models for the price of 1 Malifaux model. Drawback is the smaller size as Malifaux  tends to be 32mm. But I use miniatures from the same source so this does not pose any problem.


"Nicodem the undertaker", small conversion - the owl is a WHFB Wood Elf piece. Prefer this bird to the original ones as well to be honest.

McMourning, small conversion, I greenstuffed the apron and the knife is a plastic WHFB knife.

"Seamus the mad hatter" -again a plastic WHFB knife. Reaper actually has one really awesome looking model that would be a perfect Seamus and a bit cheaper than the original as well.


Bête Noir  - conversion, heavy greenstuff conversion of a West Wind nun. Cross is made out of plasticard. I find this unit completely worthless after having tried it out once. Extreme waste of points compared to other high end stuff you can buy for the same price.

Crooked Man

Mindless Zombies

Canine Remains, these models are not from West Wind, I'll have to ask my SoTR supplier where he got them from, I just bought 3 loose models for this very purpose. The size fits the rest of my Gothic Horror/Vampire Wars range perfectly.

Flesh Construct – hook is made out of plasticard. I once tried it with McMourning, failed to summon it. Thought it sucked. But then tried it out twice starting on the board, and it was pretty damn awesome. So a really good unit to bring along a Resurrectionist gang.

Mortimer the Gravedigger – shovel is mate out of wire and plasticard

´Nurse, scalpel/knife is a SoTR soviet bayonet.

Punk Zombies – weapons are a variation of WHFB weapons.

Rotten Belles

Sebastian the Morgue assistant

Corpse counters, made out of regular WH40k round bases and plasticard crosses/tombstones.

I have a couple models left to paint, mostly stuff that I already listed here, but I also have two "necro punk" proxy models from Warmachine from the undead faction. Called Steampunk thrall or something IIRC.

You can get these models through West Wind, or Kulturkommissariatet in Sweden


  1. Hey!
    Those canine remains are great! Originall ones are kinda expensive,almost 10pounds for 2 models(4pts),can you tell me from which range they are?

  2. I'll check with my friend, he had an unmarked bag of these dogs and I just bought 3. Will write here once I know.

  3. The dogs are from "Mississinewa Miniatures" - though it is uncertain whether they are still in operation.

  4. tnx,but seems they are not operational any more :(

  5. My friend suspected as much :-/

    Too bad because they were cheap and looked good, even though it was only these 2 poses.


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