27 October 2010

News from the Grindhouse!

For those of you who know the boardgame Incursion, Grindhouse may be a household name already. The creators Jim & John Bailey have some new stuff for us fans in the pipeline.

First of all, they have started to move all Incursion stuff from the Secrets of the Third Reich forum to their own forum "http://forums.grindhousegames.com/index.php " , all new stuff, news and downloads for Incursion will be located there from now on. Make sure to register for all the download content and discussions.

Among the new stuff for Incursion there are now rules up for the "Drohne" for Incursion. The standup was included in the boxed game but had no rules. Rules for the Drohne have been included in the Secrets of the Third Reich expansion "Doomsday" earlier this year, but now you can play with this unit in Incursion as well.

Download it here: http://forums.grindhousegames.com/index.php?topic=916.msg8965#new

An expansion for Incursion featuring new missions is also being worked, can't really say no more about that at the moment - but being a beta tester I can just say that I think it will please the fans of Incursion.

Jim has also said that the light mecha "Gracie" for the MI13 is being sculpted at the moment and may be released pretty soon. There are also plans for releasing more Incursion zombie models.

Now the second part of the news is GrindhouseGames launch of "Junk".
Some sort of Robot Apocalypse game, little is know at this point, Jim at Grindhouse encourages fans to join the discussion on the Grindhouse forum and come up with ideas they think would be cool to include in the game. Some cool ideas have already been put forward by various members.

There are going to be new releases for this side project roughly each month according to Jim. So far you can buy the "Dogface" robots in the Grindhouse store http://www.incursiongame.com/products/dog-face

So register over at Grindhousegames and join the discussions :-)

Should you wonder what this "Incursion" business is all about, check out my review of the game here: http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.com/2010/08/incursion-part-2-snafu-boxed-game.html


  1. Do you happen to know where those Junk sculpts ended up? I hope we'll see them in production somewhere, but it's been some time now ...

  2. Well I think the deal fell through. Jim Bailey just mentioend it briefly on the Grindhouse Games forum - my advice would be to get in touch with him directly as I'm sure he will share the details with you if you ask him politely :-)


    You should get an answer to your e-mail fairly quick.

  3. Thanks, sent an e-mail. Really curious about where those went to ...


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