31 October 2010

A piece of sloppy "Junk" fanart

About to go to Lund and play a game of Battlestar Galactica the boardgame in a moment, but had the time to doodle some fanart/concept sketch for "Junk" this morning.

Checked one of the "Junk" threads on Grindhouse and my imagination went wild with "Robot Civil War" - imagine American Civil War but with Robots, buckets for drums, flags with weirdo prints like cogs and screws haha. Plan to do a more detailed sketch soon, this is just a rough draft I made in Pixarra TwistedBrush and intentionally sloppy.

Check the Grindhouse forum for more fanmade ideas for "Junk" http://forums.grindhousegames.com/index.php 


  1. ;-)



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