22 October 2010

Polish TKS Tankette conversion

Last TKS Tankette arrived today, just in time for tomorrow's game vs my buddy Millmir's new Soviet platoon.

This one has some conversions, the crewman is West Wind Berlin or bust, the crewman head is Incursion MI-13 commando (needed a beret head for Polish crew), hatch is made out of plasticard. I also used an old Polish BAR which I had left over from my Anti Tank rifle conversion a few months back, use that BAR instead of the supplied machinegun since the metal on those machineguns is very soft and bends easily while the BAR which was part of a Polish soldier miniature is made out of much harder metal.

They almost look identical anyway.


  1. Another nice tank. I particularly like the colour scheme, very unusual. But good.


  2. Thanks Tony, I really like these little buggers myself. I do hope that Warlord will make some 7TP tanks for the Polish range (would actually be sweet to have some early war French tanks as well to use as "captured" for my Germans).


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