10 October 2010

Polish TKS Tankette with 20mm gun

Another TKS Tankette for my Polish allied contingent, ordered a pack of 2 tankettes from Warlord Games but they have a hard time with their supplier of resin vehicles or something - so my 3rd Tankette will be sent to me once they receive it in stock again.On my part, it's OK, at least they included a hand written explanation in the box and could have waited to send me anything until the whole order was complete.The Polish tankette production included mostly machine gun armed tankettes, though a few were also armed with 20mm AT guns. These 20mm AT gun models were still severely outmatched by real tanks but at least had a fighting chance to hit back. One has to keep in mind that these vehicles were intended for recon purposes and not regular tank battles like the Polish 7TP tank.This particular one is named "Orlik" after a Polish sergeant commanding one of these 20mm AT gun tankettes, who managed to destroy 3 German Pz35(t) tanks in one ambush on September 18th 1939. He managed to survive the war as well.

Some videos showing the size and maneuverability of the Tankettes:

Turning on the spot

Racing at full speed 40-46km/h

Machinegun armed tankette taking part in some re-enactment, cool shooting of the MG towards the end

Really looking forward to whatever else the "Early War Polish army" will get in terms of models released from Warlord Games. Still hoping for some releases this year.

I also found this awesome thread filled to the brim with videos and pictures depicting the invasion of Poland 1939.

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