24 October 2010

Some documents from the 2nd Republic of Poland

Received a couple of documents from my grandmother, the passport of my grandfathers father (Wojciech Kawczynski), and pictures from the army of my grandmothers father (Stefan Strzalkowski) .

Thought I could share the pictures of these documents.

Wojciech Kawczynski went to the US before WW1 erupted to work, the funny thing is that they stamped his ticket to the US with "from Russia", since that part of Poland was part  of Russian territory back then. The passport is from 1921 and issued in Buffalo NY in the US as he was going back home - to the fledgling 2nd Polish Republic.

There are lots of information in this old passport, like the description of the owner, and stamped in the countries he traveled through on his way home - Belgium and Germany.

The pictures of great grandfather Stefan Strzalkowski are from his time in the military formation K.O.P. from 1930-31. Serving as a riflemen in the 21st battalion, (bottom right on the group picture).

K.O.P ( Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza ) was the border protection corps of Poland on the eastern front, created in 1924 to prevent Soviet raids and gangs roaming mainly the eastern border after the end of the Polish-Bolshievik war of 1919-21.

More about this military formation can be found in wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border_Protection_Corps_%28Poland%29


  1. Had to google to see what kind of rifles they have (at least the 3 visible rifles in the front row).

    From what I could find out, it seems to be the Mannlicher Rifle (long one) and Carbine (short one) produced in Prussia.

    Shown on the pictures here http://www.weu1918-1939.pl/piechota/karabiny/mannlicher/departament_piechoty_karabiny_mannlicher.html

    Funny anecdote, this site also features a picture of a trench with Polish soldiers defending the town Włocławek from the Bolshieviks in 1920, which is where my grandparents and my dad are from.


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