07 October 2010

Some pictures from our gameday 2/10

Took a few pictures myself with my crap camera and coaxed Millmir into bringing his camera as well and take some pictures of better quality while we were at it. Not much, but always a little something - and since I'm dead busy with school work today it's always good to have some "canned meat" like this up your sleeve haha.

Games played were SoTR, Malifaux, This Very Ground, WHFB and DungeonQuest.

Me and Millmir brought our French & Indian War armies (he plays British I play the French) since we had not played this game for a couple of months now. Of course we had forgotten pretty much everything, but I slowly started to recall how it worked as we played. The rules "This Very Ground" are pretty simple and straightforward but fun. Since last time we played I had bought and painted a ammunition cart which we used for a "convoy" scenario. The French were supposed to move from one table edge to the other, or at the very least protect the ammunition cart from being destroyed. The French force was made up of Continental regulars, Colonial Militia and a few Coureur Du Bois. The British force was made up of British European Regulars, Rangers and Indian Allies. The Brits held a few units in reserve to spring ambushes along the road.
Game was very brutal, but the French managed to protect the wagon from being destroyed and kill/chase away all of the British forces, leaving 1 unit of French Continental regulars as last man standing. The French commander made a suicide charge into a group of rangers and almost managed to cut them all down with his sword (killing 3 out of 4) but was killed by the last survivor in the end. Another similar moment occurred when my battered unit of Coureur Du Bois charged a unit of British, taking casualties as they approached from musket fire and in the following hand to hand combat all French were killed but a lone soldier who managed to kill 3 brits by himself before being killed by a bayonet!

What I really like about the game (which uses D10 dice btw)  is the perfect simulation of gunpowder weapons and the long time it takes to reload them. The different volumes of fire which you may choose from and the morale and close combat rules. I will write about This Very Ground when I get the time to write a longer special again, hopefully next week. The rules are perfect for 7 year war/French & Indian War skirmish, I think they would work perfectly for small scale skirmish playing American War of Independence games as well.

Hope to paint my remaining 2 "London detective" models tomorrow.

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