23 October 2010

Some pictures from our gameday 23/10

A batch of pictures from the gameday at my local club in Lund, "Brainwürst".

I played one game of SoTR (55RP), trying out my Polish platoon vs Millmir's new Soviet Mecha-platoon. And god damn it was hard to knock out those damn mechas. I inflicted insane amount of hits and penetration results, but all I got was stuff like "half speed only", "reduced speed class", "weapon damaged" - towards the end I finally inflicted 2 weapon destroyed and 1 immobilized, I also managed to kill the bailed out crewman from one Soviet mecha. But did not manage to destroy any single enemy vehicle. In turn my tankettes were crippled, the tankette with 20mm AT gun got its crew killed from shrapnel, and the two HMG tankettes were immobilized. My Cromwell roamed the battlefield with "improved sights" and didn't hit shit with his main gun until the end when he failed to penetrate the armor....

The Soviet infantry were pretty much annihilated, same for the Polish infantry. One Polish fire team managed to raise hell for 2 turns as the members fired a Piat-D and small arms at mechas, as well as kept planting explosive charges on nearby enemy vehicles - damaging 2 mechas. The game ended a Soviet victory, it was impossible to withstand the mechas with so little AT weapons in my platoon. Same could be said for the Soviets, they had 1 RPG team, other than that, they used flamethrowers against the soft flank and rear armor of my tankettes to damage them, but had a hard time doing anything vs the Cromwell. Both sides fired heavy machine guns at each other hoping for some penetrating hits without much success.

All in all a great and very fun game, even though I think the Soviet mech platoon is a tad overkill, especially if the mechas count as "troop" and thus may score Victory Points for holding objectives on the table - safe from small arms fire most of the time. I also think I had a better chance to beat that Soviet platoon with what I had today than if I would have brought a "regular" infantry heavy army - which would be cut down in no time from all the enemy machine gun fire.

I also played a game of Malifaux, my Ressurrectionists vs a gang of Arcanists. The Arcanists had to hunt down a treasure and bring it back to their deployment, I had to slaughter them all! I must say that over the past few games I've finally found my rhytm with my Ressurrectionist faction. Started to understand gang composition, how to best use all 3 masters etc. I had a pretty good flow today with a gang led by Nicodem the Undertaker. My opponent was extremely fast to pick up the treasure, but I had him and his gang soon swarmed and prevented him to escape 2 times! Once with a crazy good draw by a regular mindless zombie which had been summoned from a pile of corpses, the other time by drawing a Red Joker to counter the enemy Red Joker (my hit result total was higher). Nicodem also kept standing in the middle of it all and boosted the gang with +2DF and +2CB making even shit units like the Canine Remains and Zombies a force to be reckoned with. I won that game (we played alternate slaughter rules where you get 1VP for killed master, 2VP for killing half the enemy gang, and 4VP for killing all). I managed to kill the enemy master (Marcus) and half enemy models. And with Hold Out, and Body Guard on Nicodem for schemes I netted another 2VP winning the game. It wasn't altogether easy, especially when my opponent had 7 Soul Stones in his cache while I only had 3. But a damn good game just like my SoTR game today.

Meanwhile in the backround people played Mordheim on 2 tables (and you might tell where all the terrain went), so I took some pictures of  that as well:

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