17 November 2010

4 games of Strange Aeons - demo campaign

Went over to one of my friends today to demo Strange Aeons since he had missed out on it last time we had a gameday down at the club. Managed to go through the rules in one test game and then play a "demo campaign" made up of 3 scenarios to give him a feel for how things branch out eventually.

His Treshold Agent gang consisted of the character Professor Armitage and 2 field agents.

The basic scenarios played included "Fight", "Retrieve the Artifacts" and "Escape...into danger!".

This is not really a battle report just a rough sketch of what was happening from what I can remember since I didn't have time to write things down properly as I focused on teaching the game and just took a few pictures doing so. I took upon me to play as the Lurkers while my friend got to try the Treshold Agents throughout the afternoon.

Game 1 (learning the rules) "Fight"

Armitage with .22 cal and .45 cal pistols, Agent Jenkins with a Double Barreled Shotgun and a third agent - let's call him "Brown" because of the color on his coat, armed with a .45 cal pistol.

Opposition was a Mummy (proxied with Zombie Pickman) and 2 zombies, all models armed with basic outfit of Mauls.

The Mummy used his command to nominate himself and his 2 minions making all 3 advance into cover along the way towards the agents. During the approach one of the Zombies was gunned down by the Double Barreled Shotgun. The Mummy attacked Jenkins and killed him. Agent Brown and Professor Armitage gunned down the Mummy with a couple lucky hits. Last zombie attacked Agent Brown and managed to club him to death before being killed by Professor Armitage.

Game 2 (demo campaign starts) "Fight"

Armitage, Brown and Jenkins once again.

Lurkers: 1 Fishman, 4 Cultists with short bows

Lurkers had no commanding model this time around and had to rely on single activation.
Agents got a good start as they quickly managed to take out 2 cultists. The Fishman advanced rather quickly despite his D6+2 movement which can be quite unpredictable, managing to leap into close combat with agent Jenkins and take out that Double Barreled Shotgun threat (Minor Injury removed from table). Agent Brown passed his resolve watching his buddy getting killed, and was instantly attacked by the angry Fishman - during the close combat that followed he too bit the dust, but as a Major Injury!. Armitage alone (again haha, poor man), takes a deep breath and guns down the Fishman with his .45 cal pistol. Two cultists remain, these two try to flank Armitage from two sides but they fail to hit him with their bows , while Armitage avenges his fallen Agents by killing them both.

Armitage fails to find any map pieces during the search phase.

Game 3 "Retrieve the Artifacts"

A replacement for Agent Brown - well his twin brother was brought in to boost the Treshold Agents back to 15 points. Jenkins and Armitage remained unchanged as well.

The opposition this time around was 1 Maniac, 2 Hybrids and 1 Cho-Cho. Maniac was boosted with higher constitution, a 2nd wound.

Both Maniac and Cho-Cho were relatively fast movers so they got the assignment to retrieve the closest artifacts before the Agents could get to them first, the Hybrids with their unpredictable D6 move remained in reserve. Both Maniac and Cho-Cho rushed towards 2 of the artifacts, the agents moved forwards guns blazing, knocked the Cho-Cho out of action and wounded the maniac. Cho-Cho got back to its feet the following turn and managed to avoid being hit by the small frame 5+ cover save which comes with the Cho-Cho profile. Maniac is wounded again but remains face up. Activates and starts dragging the artifact towards the Lurker deployment zone. Both Lurkers manage to get rid of the artifacts so that they cannot be searched by the agents. Armitage searches one of the remaining artifacts but finds "nothing useful". Jenkins searches the last artifact and finds a scroll.

Agent Brown runs after the Maniac and guns him down, thinking he would be at a safe distance from the slow moving Hybrid hiding in the nearby ruin. Wrong! The Hybrid reaches him in one single movement as a 6 is rolled! And he gets clubbed to death! Jenkins kills one of the Hybrids while being attacked by the last one - his shotguns jams! Armitage saves his ass by blasting the Hybrids brains out with a hail of .45 and .22 cal pistol shots.

1 Map piece is found in the search phase.

Game 4 "Escape ... into Danger!"

Agent Brown is very lucky as he made a full recovery in between games when rolling on the Major Injury Table. The Agents are joined by a Navy boy with a Browning (used as Thompson). The map piece found during the previous encounter is traded for a Medic.

22 Point game this time around. We added +1 Build Point for each successful game up until now + the extra build points added by the Medic when he joined the team.

The opposition this time is made up of an odd couple, like the Lovecraft version of the "buddy cop movie" we have two complete opposites - the High Priest and a maniac.

High Priest gets 3 free Evil Spells chosen randomly, these turn out to be "Eldritch Barrier" giving a 4+ save to one model for the remainder of the game, "Time Shift" adding +1 activation to one model for the remainder of the turn and "Touch of Death" instead of rolling to wound a model is removed as a major injury right away when in Close Combat with the High Priest. Not bad.

The mission for the Agents is to move off the table on the Lurker deployment zone end. Doing so they can find map pieces on a roll of 5-6 instead of only 6. They can also win by simply killing everyone on the table. The High Priest has command so both he and the maniac activates simultaneously and quickly advance into cover behind a small shack. High Priest casts the 4+ save spell on the Maniac preparing him for the killing spree. Agents move out of their deployment inside another ruin and head down behind some bushes from where they manage to get lucky and inflict 2 wounds on the High Priest. High Priest casts the "Time Shift" spell on the maniac and moves deeper into cover. Maniac rushes out and hacks chops the head off agent Brown and moves onto the Medic whom he fails to wound despite winning the close combat.  Jenkins rushes out and opens some Double Barreled vengeance on the High Priest blasting his remaining wound to hell and the enemy model is removed from the table. Navy boy aims his weapon at the maniac, and manages to score 3 hits. The maniac manages to make 2 saves but the 3rd hit scores a wound and the Medic is saved!

No map pieces are found during the search phase this time around.

This concluded the demo campaign, and I think my friend was pleased with the game - he kept making happy Mordheim references, him being a Mordheim nut implied a smooth transition into Strange Aeons.

Sorry for the semi-crappy photos and them being few. My current camera is by now 5 years old and I aim to buy a new one around Christmas - one that can actually take more than 20 pictures before running out of battery, and also being faster at actually taking photos. IT seems like every time I've saved up enough cash school kicks me in the balls with a lot of book purchases which eats up by "buffert"....


  1. Good report on your demo, dont forget if it gets tough you can all way run away to live a other day.

  2. Thanks for the reports! Always pleased to read up.

  3. An enjoyable report for was certainly a pleasant, exciting game.

    Now, with reference to your latest FIW post below, you could well play such an adventure in the mid-18th C., using the same rules...

  4. I actually wrote 3 sets of rules for my Reaper "Vampire Spawn" models so that they could be used in Legends of the Old West, Malifaux and This Very Ground. Special "Vampire Hunt" scenario included for LotoW and TVG. Just need to get them tested before I put them up on my blog :-)


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