15 November 2010

Arkham Horror - organizing game components

Arkham Horror is a HUGE game on its own, but once you start adding expansions it, it really starts to take up space with all the new game components. As long as you only have 1 boardbased expansion and 1 cardbased expansion you should get by pretty well -sorting your components into the original boxes.

However, once you start to get more expansions your basic game components will take up so much space that you no longer will be able to hold them all in your Arkham Horror box. What I did, and many other Arkham Horror players have done before me is to make your own "game components box".

This is necessary if you want to keep all components apart, based upon their use, what expansion they are used with, based on whether or not they are generic/cross over with all expansions etc.

What I did was to get a box of good depth and size and measure the game components to see how much space they'll need and build walls out of your punch out frames from whatever expansion you might have bought. Just use a knife to get the punchout sheet into the right shape and size and superglue it to the box and other pieces of framework to create a grid system. Just make sure it is completely dry before you stop filling up this new container!

So here’s how my system works. The basic game components are all inside my Arkham Horror box, all the generic game components are inside my “Components box”. Every piece of expansion components, tokens and cards are sorted into the right expansion box. Hence I can quickly add any one expansion to my original Arkham Horror game without having to take the time to sort things out for hours before a game takes place. As each expansions component is marked with the appropriate expansion symbol you can find these components easy enough after a game and should immediately put them in their correct box. Being organized saves time!

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