24 November 2010

An evening with Battlestar Galactica the boardgame

Spent the evening with 4 friends playing Battlestar Galactica, 3 players were already familiar with the game and 2 complete newbie's.

It was also the first time we played with more than 4 players, and at 5 players it meant we would have 2 "You ARE a Cylon" cards in circulation instead of just one.

Characters used during this session:

Admiral Adama (admiral)
Gaius Baltar (president - played by me)
Chief Tyrell
Lee "Apollo" Adama
Colonel Tigh

As Baltar has his "coward" special rule I received 2 Loyalty cards at the start of the game instead of the regular 1. Of course that little twerp turned out to be a Cylon as I flipped my first Loyalty card haha. "OK..." I thought, and started planning for how to maintain the fleet resources above low levels (red) to make the Sympatizer become Cylon further down the road. To my dismay the player to my left got one of those crisis cards which is passed the bidding you could look at any one Loyalty card owned by another player. Of course he picked me as I was the only one with 2 cards thus being twice as likely to be a Cylon. And of course he picked my "You ARE a Cylon card".

His first turn... goddamnit. During the first turn of every player I got the vibe that there might be another Cylon in play from the very start, and initially suspected the player to my right (Apollo character). I actually had a "vice president" card from the Quorum, and was playing with the idea to use the "Cylon detector" special rule I had on my profile card to make sure Apollo was a cylon so I could give him my vice presidency stacking the odds in our favor as we would control the "President chooses" crisis cards.

But again, I was discovered immediately, and actually felt slightly depressed about it which drained me of the lust of trying to be deceptive. I remembered how I spent the last half hour of our last game in the brig not being able to get out and shuddered at that possibility. So in my following turn I revealed that I was indeed a Cylon and moved to the Cylon Locations from where I messed with the human fleet as good as I could. Before I left I was also able to lower the morale by 3 notches through actions and my Cylon card. My goal was simply to get the fleet morale to zero from now on.

The game progressed, I relaxed a little and started to make fun of all the other players saying everyone who did anything out of the ordinary was a Cylon, and questioned every single move of all players hahaha. I picked at the Apollo player in particular since that player had become a Cylon in our last 2 games so we made fun of that fact.

As it later turned out he WAS a Cylon haha! It was hard to believe since the sabotage was very subtle this time around. I think he got careful after his first sabotage during a bidding where his red Pilot skill cards stood out the most. The Sympatizer turned human as the morale crept down to critical levels. We got a few space battles, I managed to sabotage the Armory location on Galactica - this location was then overlooked and no one bothered to repair it until 2 Cylon Centurion boarding parties entered Galactica. These two boarding parties would in the end win our game. The last half our was extremely tense as the morale dwindled down to 2 and then 1, the humans managed to keep it through pure luck, and was awaiting their final jump before winning the game! In the end though, we managed to move the Centurions quickly up to the 2nd last spot on the Centurion track, the humans only managed to kill 1 Centurion, one of the players (Adama) had to be thrown into the Brig by a Crisis card and couldn't help his buddies. And during the final Crisis card the last Centurion moved into the last space blowing Galactica to hell. I think both Cylon players were fortunate to be seated next to each other, thus we could maximize the damage before the humans could react to the threat.

All in all a very enjoyable game even though I would have preferred to remain hidden and manipulate and sabotage my way to the end.


If you are unfamiliar with the game check out my 2 part review of it here:

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