23 November 2010

French & Indian War - Battle line

Played around in PixarraTwisted Brush and ACDsee pro2 to create some effects over a few "army pictures".


  1. Really marvelous photos!

    Now, I sincerely wish you'll not feel I'm pestering you, but given your passionate involvement in other genres of table-top gaming, your FIWminiatures could well 'moonlight (quite literally) in a 18th C. 'Lovecraftian'' campaign (as equally could, btw, this 'Victorian Horror' one). Shub-Niggurath was already there, for instance, and the 'natives' worshipped stranges deities long before the White men came... Not to speak of the Wendigo...

    Recently on TMP a relevant thread.

    Best regards,

  2. Jean-Louis not at all, as I mentioned earlier I already had something in mind when I wrote rules for my Reaper "Vampire Spawn" models for "This Very Ground", "Malifaux" and "Legends of the Old West" - just need to test them properly and see how well they work. But yeah, the Lovecraft stuff is not locked in 1920's in my head either and it would be fun to test the Strange Aeons rules in a different century :D

    But I would like to play the regular Strange Aeons setting some before I start experimenting.


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