16 November 2010

French & Indian War - French Militia Veterans 1

Decided to take a small break from my Lovecraft and Malifaux painting, I had prepared 10 Perry Miniatures "Hessian Jaegers" a couple of days ago so it was natural to start painting them.

These are the models I wrote were in a terrible shape with lots of mouldlines, and a lot of metal from the moulds, even 2 pieces of black rubber stuck in one of the models. It took a lot more trimming and work to get them in shape than I have ever done with any Perry metal models before, the only thing that really pushed me to complete the trimming was that I love these particular sculpts and have been eyeing them since I started with my French & Indian War project a couple many months ago.

The idea is to use them as either French Continental Regulars but preferably as Canadian Militia Veterans. There are no actual rules for Veteran Militia in "This Very Ground" but there are guidelines for how to create such a unit within the campaign in the rulebook.

Models are painted out of pure fantasy, as I googled around and couldn't find any French Militia fitting the look of these models. The idea is that this unit may be composed of some wealthy Quebec militiamen that has been outfitted with better weapons and a somewhat proper uniform. Hence parts of the uniforms were painted towards the 7 Year War style.
Oh, I trimmed away those small “balls” (?) that adorned the hats of these Hessian models, other than that they are unmodified.

These two models are going to be used as Officer and NCO, the remaining 8 models will be regular militiamen.

While painting I also compiled a guide to how these models are painted (even I can’t remember all recipes and mixes over time and it is always good to have the descriptions around when you decide to paint up an identical unit a couple of months later).

scarred brown, tanned flesh, ogryn flesh wash,
tanned flesh, tanned + dwarf flesh
Mix Bone White into the flesh mix, mix more bone white into the mix


Scarred brown, bestial brown, mix with bone white, more bone white, pure bone white

black, charadon granite, charadon + stonewall grey, stonewall grey, stonewall grey + 30% white

imperial blue, imperial ultramarine blue, a tiny bit of bone white for last HL

astronomicon grey, astronomicon + dead white, dead white, matt varnish painted on to smooth the surface out

Shoulder cord
hexed lichen, hexed lichen + scarlett red, scarlett red

black+hexed lichen, hexed lichen, hexed lichen+bone white

All leather
black+stonewall grey mix

Musket wood
charred brown, flesh wash ink

polished gold


  1. Pretty good, I am trying to figure out how to paint mine for my imagine-nation force.

  2. Anatoli, you are surrounded by references to Imagi-Nations! Mine on TMP, Moody's here...
    Great painting, original subject: compliments!
    Added a link to your 'FIW' label on my blog.

  3. They look great, but French Militia did not look like that at all. They basically had no uniforms, except maybe a stocking cap of a certain color to identify where they were from. They were not paid at all.


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