27 November 2010

Incursion some beta testing pictures

A little midnight update since I will be busy the whole day - hopefully the weather will permit me to go to the gameday in Lund down at the club and play some Strange Aeons and Malifaux.

With permission from Jim Bailey to tease you guys, I took a few pictures while running beta tests on some of the expansion missions for Incursion. I can't go into the specifics but I can tell that the pictures show two "Cinematic Solo play" missions in progress. One with the MI13 and one with the Lucky 13th APE squad.

People who want more missions for their core game will be very pleased with what Grindhouse is making here, pretty much all the missions feel new and fresh in style and have fun events going on - the solo missions are very innovative and surprisingly smooth and fun to play. The expansion will contain a lot of 2 player and solo missions for all sides - so everyone should be happy :D

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