13 November 2010

Journey into Madness - Special Agents

Spent the day prepping a couple of blisters and painting a few models. I was planning on taking a break from the Lovecraft stuff and paint some Militia (actually Hessian Jaegers) from Perry Miniatures today, but I almost lost it when I had to trim and clean those two Perry blisters I had bought. It was the first time I've seen them in such a bad condition, two of the models also had pieces of black rubber stuck in a few crevices leading me to think that the moulds must have crumbled or are really really worn at this point. Still love the sculpts as they are full of life and movement which suits the French & Indian War style skirmish game perfectly, but the amount of metal cleaned from a total of 10 models were enough to melt down and cast one more model....

So I was in no mood to paint any of those today, just based them with sand and undercoated them all. Instead I painted this blister of Gothic Horror models that I've received just recently. As with everything else Gothic Horror related it will either be used for Malifaux or Strange Aeons. I got this particular blister with Strange Aeons in mind though as it contained 4 models which I think would work as special agents.

Thinking about it, I believe most of these Gothic Horror models I have would work as perfect civilians for Legends of the Old West as well since that game has a few scenarios with civilians crowding the streets, I know one scenario have a dozen or so civilians stand around and waiting for a hanging to take place.

In any case, left to right "Brute", "Medic", "Spiritualist", "Antiquarian"
I know the medic is a bartender, but I think he would pass for a field surgeon if I splattered some blood on his apron. Didn't want to do that though since I want to use him as a bartender for Legends of the Wild West haha.

All models are from the same blister, West Wind "Gothic Horror - Villagers GH33"

I must say that painting the Spiritualist brought this video to mind LOL

You can get the models from West Wind, or if you live in Sweden, from Kulturkommissariatet.

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