28 November 2010

Pictures from gameday at the club 27/11

A few of us braved the snow yesterday to attend at the gameday down at our club "Brainwürst" in Lund.
My buddy Calle couldn't attend so all the pictures are taken with my crap camera - and the light down there in combination with the color of the tables makes taking pictures a pain in the butt.

I played 3 demo games of Strange Aeons and one game of Malifaux, didn't really start playing until towards the end of the day else I would have squeezed in a dozen more games of Strange Aeons....

Anyway, I have a demo list for a Treshold Agent team which I will keep with upgrades/Injuries as I demo the game further. From last night the team went up to 16 Base+Build points and one of the Agents who had initially been upgraded with a free Dexterity decrease to make his shooting more accurate suffered a "Head Trauma" decreasing him back to 5+ to hit.

 I also took pictures of the West Wind "Cloning Tanks" blister while I was at it - didn't get it myself but it was down at the club.

Games played down at the club included Strange Aeons, Malifaux, WH40k, Secrets of the Third Reich and Mordheim.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, there's some good looking tables in there.


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